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Application Description :  Blue Bird In Trouble  Once uppon a time there was

 a Blue Boy Bird and a Blue  Girl Bird both of them were roaming happpily in

 the big world . 

 After a long time they had a cute Blue Litte Boy Bird  The name of the bird

was Blueberry. 

The age of Blueberry was 28 days.

One day Blueberry  wanted to fly away on his own… 

 His parents were sad but they knew that this is the circle  of life…… 

 One day Blueberry saw the most beautiful  Little pink Bird in the world from

 a coconut tree…. 

 and her name was Queen elizabeth. 

Queen elizabeth was well trained by her Parents. 

 With in Blink of an eye  Queen elizabeth disappered into sky. 

And now The Little Blue Bird is in the trouble. 

 Now imagine that you are the Little Blue Bird 

 and find elizabeth (Little Pink Bird) by jumping on the nests. 

 Conclusion : it doesn't matter what kind of Blue Bird you  are its the

    feeling   that matters! 

 Fly high and be in the top ten list of  Queen elizabeth (Little Pink Bird)
 lovers . 

 You never know the love of a Blue Bird until You Download  this App . 

 Device :  Compatible iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.