How to Fix SimCity for Mac Download Issue

SimCity for Mac

SimCity for Mac

SimCity for Mac was finally released on August 29th only as digital download. However, the release saw some hiccups just like the windows version which was released in March. EA in the past pushed the release of the Mac version in order to fix the issues and even after 7 updates since the original launch users continued to face issues while downloading the game.

SimCity for Mac and Windows is an online-only game. You need to be connected to the Origin server at all times in order to play. This online only mode was implemented by Maxis as it ties in with the built in features like global trading, public regions and even running game scripts.

We received our review copy of SimCity for Mac yesterday and when we tried to download the game we got an error 7049:404. This error won’t allow the user to download the game to their computer. Upon investigating we found an easy fix to this issue.

SimCity Origin Error

Here’s how you can fix the file not found error. Uninstall Origin app from your Mac. You can use a free uninstaller app called AppCleaner. Once Origin in uninstalled, visit EA’s download Origin page and download the app.

Once installed sign into your account and now from the top menu bar select preferences. The preferences pane open inside the Origin app. Click “General” tab on the left and now scroll down to the last option “Origin Beta Participation” make sure you mark it checked.

Fix SimCity Origin Error

Now exit the Origin app and then re-open it. This time the app will download some more data approx. 70 MB. Now visit “My Games” tab and there you will be able to download SimCity for Mac without any issues.

Have you been able to download SimCity to your Mac? Did you face any issues? Let us know in the comments below.


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