Dudu Rush Deluxe Review: A Fun Adventure Game for iPhone and iPad

Dudu Rush Deluxe-1

Dudu Rush Deluxe-1

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Dudu Rush Deluxe Review: Dudu the cute little elf and his friends are off to explore the world. Dudu along with his best friend Nunu and his little sister Ruru have set off on their journey while avoiding the enemy along the way.

Dudu Rush Deluxe {Free} by Infiworks is a fun adventure game with four different worlds and 40 levels. Controlling little Dudu is easy. You have a jump button on the left and the fire button on the right. Dudu runs automatically along the platform and you just control his jump and firing. When you approach a ledge you need to jump over it. If you fall down it, you will die. When you approach the enemy then you use the fire button to shoot at them.

Dudu Rush Deluxe-2

You can monitor your progress to see how far you are until the end of the level by looking at the progress bar at the bottom for the screen. When you make your way along the platform there are also gold coins to collect and you need to collect as many of these as you can.

The coins you collect can help you buy props to enable you to play better within the game. There is Protection which protects you from getting hurt, airscrew which enables Dudu to fly in the air and Jump shoes which enables him to jump twice. If you don’t have enough coins you can buy a coin pack as an in-app purchase.

Dudu Rush Deluxe-3

The game is easy to play and has really good graphics and cute sound effects. This makes it very suitable for all ages. I felt though the in-app purchases were very off putting and spoilt the game a lot. If it wasn’t for the in-app pop ups throughout the game it would be quite good fun and enjoyable to play.

What we like:

  • Game Center integration.
  • A game that is suitable for all ages.

What to know:

  • Constant in-app pop ups.


Jane JonesDudu Rush Deluxe Review: A Fun Adventure Game for iPhone and iPad

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