Critter Quitter Review: A Killer Combination of Fun and Simplicity

Critter Quitter Review-1

Critter Quitter Review-1

Rating: ★★★★½

Critter Quitter Review: A fun, whimsical game of protecting a plate of food from an invasion of critters that want to eat it.

Some of the best games are the simplest, and Critter Quitter {Free} falls into that category. In the center of the screen is a plate of food, such as an apple or a piece of cake. And from the edges of the screen little insect critters start encroaching on the delicious temptation. Your job is to splat them before they reach the food. This is done simply enough by touching them as they move across the screen.

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This game is simple enough for even small children to comprehend, but the quantity and speed of the invasion requires a fair amount of skill as the game goes on. You might get away with one-finger playing for a while, but eventually it will require both thumbs and perhaps a finger or two to take on all the attackers.

You can also acquire some help in your task. You can pick up a frog to eat the critters, a super power that will kill anything you touch, or even a spray can of bug repellent. Mastering these tools is critical to your ability to advance. You’ll need all the help you can get against the invasion!

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A light-hearted whistling sound environment sets the playful tone for the game. The somehow friendly-looking critters also add to that tone. Everything in Critter Quitter plays into the silliness and fun of the theme. It is, after all, a game.

Critter Quitter is fantastically simple and based on a fun theme. It makes for a killer combination (pun intended).


  • Intuitive interface, easy for anyone to comprehend
  • Great concept and implemented in a fun way
  • While simple to play, it requires some serious skill


  • Not a one



Julie KuehlCritter Quitter Review: A Killer Combination of Fun and Simplicity

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