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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel is the rather long title for a new universal app from PBS Kids for preschoolers. As a father with a two year old daughter this app was a perfect excuse to spend some time with the two things I love, my daughter and my iPad.

My daughter loves my iPad and so getting her to take a look at a new app wasn’t difficult and while she hasn’t seen the original Daniel Tiger show before she was instantly engaged with the app as it launched.

The app is split into four distinct areas and accessing them is via four large buttons with images of the four areas on them for easy identification. There is the Doctor, Bedtime, Bathroom and Sticker Book all with there own set of activities and interactions for your child to interact with.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood 2

When playing as the doctor with Daniel as the patient you’ll get to interact with Daniel as you give him a jab, check his heartbeat and check out his tongue by dragging the instruments to him from the side of the screen. You can even give him a sticker to show what a good tiger he’s been!

On in the bathroom you can help Daniel brush his teeth, wash his hands and flush the toilet while in the bedroom you can walk through the steps to help Daniel go to sleep including giving him his blanket & teddy, turning off the light and signing him a lullaby. All of which can be done by simply tapping on the screen.

This is the one complaint that I have about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and that is there is a combination of controls, some just require a tap, while others need a tap and drag and this inconsistency can prove a little frustrating at times.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood 1

The final location is the Sticker Book where your child can interact with the four environments and create their own stories by placing virtual stickers all over the screen. These stickers include all of Daniels’ friends, furniture, artifacts, animals and other items from Daniel Tigers world.

Sticker placement is remembered as you navigate between the various scenes but the only option you have if you want to redo something is to erase everything and start again.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood 3

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel is a fun and engaging title for your younger children to play with. It’s easy for them to navigate and to control and what’s even better is that the audio isn’t going to drive you as the parent around the bend!

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood 4

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel is a universal app and is available for $1.99 in the app store now.

[rating: 4/5]

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]]> 1 Vocabador Review: A fun and unique way to learn new words Tue, 18 Oct 2011 15:53:47 +0000 Read More]]> Vocabador Review-2Vocabador Review: Engaging yourself or your children in learning with their iOS device when the alternatives are Angry Bids, Flight Control or and one of 1,000’s distractions is a pretty steep task. Vocabador may be about to change that though as it challenges us to increase our vocabulary by battling it out with 12 masked wrestlers.

There are two parts to this app. First there is the training side where you can review over 400 words split into easy, medium and hard categories, or as this is a wrestling game categorized as lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Each word is presented in flash card format with the word on one side and the details of the word on the other side which you can flip by simply tapping the screen.

Once you feel that you are ready you can pit yourself against the 12 wrestlers as they challenge you to pick the correct definition from 4 possible answers. This isn’t as easy as it sounds especially as you are up against the clock so it may take you a few times to beat some of the bigger wrestlers that provide the sternest of challenges, and 4 wrong answers will get your metaphorically thrown out of the ring.

Vocabador Review-4The game is beautifully presented and is easy to navigate whether you want to simply use the flash cards for learning, challenge the wrestlers or both everything is easily accessible and slick.

It would be nice if you could play previously completed challenges without have to reset all your progress and for households where multiple users share a single iPhone/iPod touch the ability to have multiple profiles would have been nice.

Vacabador {$1.99} is one of the most fun and unique ways to increase your vocabulary and will help both young and old alike.

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Vocabador Review-1 Vocabador Review-2 Vocabador Review-3 Vocabador Review-4 ]]> 0 Golden Gate Bridge 3D for iPhone 4 [Quick Look] Mon, 10 Jan 2011 21:17:29 +0000 Read More]]> Golden Gate Bridge 3D

It’s not that often that the title of an iPhone app is an exact description of the app itself but in this case that couldn’t be more accurate as Golden Gate Bridge 3D is exactly that, your very own Golden Gate Bridge in 3D on your iPhone.

The graphics look great and flying around the virtual environment in the motor glider which is one of the options to view the bridge is a great way navigate the world. The options are limited in driving the motor glider so don’t expect to many side rolls and loop the loops as you fly under the bridge but it does provide a great view of what is a structurally and architecturally impressive bridge.

As you navigate the bridge you can view a variety of information about beginnings of the bridge, the measurements, style and construction of this magnificent structure.

I could see this selling very well in and around the Golden Gate Bridge itself as a guide to the bridge as tourists are visiting it, in fact prior to having this app I never had an interest in visiting San Francisco but now I would love too.

At just $0.99 I would certainly recommend this app if you’ve ever been to, plan to visit or have interest in the Golden Gate Bridge.

$0.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Education
Released: Jan 01, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 21.5 MB
Language: English
Seller: Johann Christoph Baetz
© Johann Christoph Baetz
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Golden Gate Bridge 3D for iPhone Golden Gate Bridge 3D iPhone 4 Golden Gate Bridge 3D iPhone Golden Gate Bridge 3D View Golden Gate Bridge 3D ]]> 1 4 Noteworthy Educational and Entertaining iPhone Apps for Kids Sat, 02 Oct 2010 20:42:14 +0000 Read More]]> Among all the iPhone apps for adults are some great games and educational apps for kids. Many are simple and easy to use and all perfect for keeping your child entertained. With that in mind here are four apps we have selected that are worth purchasing.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Developed by THUP Games the app is aimed at pre-school children aged 2-5. It includes five educational games for your child which are presented in a fun way. Help the monkeys pack their lunch and let them learn as they go!

Each game brings something different to your child. It will teach them colors, counting, matching, letters and shapes. All brought to you by cute little animated monkeys and all about fruit which is even better as it might encourage your child to eat lots of it too.

The five games are:

Each game is easy to use and very enjoyable for your child. The monkey gets all excited when it gets his fruit and makes lots of happy noises when you get it right. The animation is very eye-catching as well and would interest any child of the specified age.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a fun app which educates your child in a fun-filled format! (View in iTunes)

Jacob’s Shapes

jacobs shapes

Jacob’s Shapes is created by Little Hiccup and is a puzzle app for children. With 100 words to learn over 20 fun levels it is a game that will delight any child.

When you first launch the game you can choose if you want to hear a childs voice or an adults through out the game, you can change it at any time. Once that is done you are ready to play. There are no menu’s to navigate or set up first.

Next choose which type of puzzle you would like to play first. There are many great ones to choose from. There are scenes from the seaside, the jungle, dinner, clothing, things around the house and many more. A great variety for your child to play.

Once the scene is displayed on the screen you will also get relevant items on the left which need to be placed. This scene will have objects around and some will just be a shadow of an object. These are where you search for the right object and match it with one of the pictures on the left. When you have found it you place it in postion by simply tapping and dragging it. Then do the rest of the shapes. Once completed you can go on to another level.

When you place each item it will speak the name of it. Great for your child to learn about different objects. It also shows the name of the object as well so an older child will be able to read the words. After completing each scene it gives you a huge cheer and says ‘great job’!

The pictures are lovely and colourful and the animals are very cute looking. They are sure to entertain any child. It is a great game that can be picked up at any time and played. (View in iTunes)

Motion Math

Motion Math is an app designed to teach children mathematical fractions. Quite a lot of children can find the subject difficult and for some it doesn’t interest them. Motion Math attempts to get you to interact wih the app and see the fraction visually.

Motion MathFractions are hard to learn at times so this app brings a fun way to learning them. On the screen is a bouncing ball and you have to tilt your device to answer the questions.

So for example, at the bottom there is a bar with 0 to 1 and the bouncing ball is showing ½. You have to tilt your device to the half position on the bar and make it bounce there. If you are correct it will move to the next question. If it is wrong it will show you guidelines to give you a clue.

You work your way through the questions if you complete them all it will tell you how many you have got right at the end. If you don’t answer a question in a set time it also ends the game and your score is shown. Great for motivating a child to have another go to improve their score.

The fractions are shown in different ways, similar to how a child would be taught at school. Fractions come in many forms so this app covers numerator over denominator, percentage, decimals and pie charts.

It is very easy to use and control and the backgrounds also change to make the app interesting and appealing. There are different skill levels to choose from so perfect for any child of any level of Math knowledge. I would say it is for a child of school age, five and above.

Yet another great app that is teaching your child an important part of their education. (View in iTunes)

Gyro The Sheepdog

Gyro Sheepdog

Developed by Imageform help Gyro the sheepdog herd the sheep to safety. Watch out though for trucks, wolfs and UFO’s!

This fun animated game is very easy to play and children will certainly love it! Tilt your device to control the sheepdog around the sheep. To make them jump and go towards the exit, give a little bark. To do this you just tap the right side of the screen. A fun game with no hard controls to figure out.

Along the way Gyro can collect items like bones for him to eat or cane juice, to help him with his days work. Just make sure you watch out for the wolf who isn’t friendly and certainly not there to help you, it just wants a lambchop!

The animation is very adorable and all children will love the cute little sheep wandering around and the game is full of barks and baa’s. This is a great game for children which is not too easy and is more of a challenge for them. It is very addictive and one that they will not want to put down. (View in iTunes)

What apps are your children playing at the moment? Let us know in the comments section below.

]]> 1 Build A Word Review for iPhone Fri, 10 Sep 2010 20:20:55 +0000 Read More]]> Build A Word

Build A Word [rating: 3.5/5]

Build A Word, an app developed by WordWorld is based on the television series PBS Kids and is designed with children in mind. It is aimed at helping young children improve on their literacy skills and recognize letters and their sounds.

Build A Word is an education app with letters and animals. As soon as you launch the app you are met with letters floating around your screen. In the middle will be an outline of a letter that you have to find. So for example it is showing you the letter ‘F’ you then have to watch the floating letters, when you see the letter you need, drag and drop it on the outlined letter.

The letter is then spoken and you go on to the next letter until you have spelt an animal word. When the word is complete what ever animal it is that you have spelt will appear and do a little animated dance along with the word spoken out. When you have watched it dance you then simply move on to the next word.

Altogether there are 10 animals to spell and say. Which at first is good but after a few plays of the game it is quite repetitive and I felt it could do with more animals or even objects. It isn’t offering much in the way of replay value at the moment.

Build A Word iPhone

I really did like this app but there is one thing I felt needed a change. The letters are not pronounced phonetically. Most of the schools now have adapted to this method when teaching children of a pre-school age and when first starting school. So I felt that this could possibly cause confusion to some children who have been taught by this method. Therefore I feel the app needs maybe an option to decide yourself which method of saying these words you would prefer to use when playing. Then the app would cover both practice methods.

The graphics and sounds are good. My own children really enjoyed the animals animated dance and the cute litte sounds they made, the catchy songs were definitely a hit. It is also a great way to teach your children without them realising because they are having fun at the same time.



Price: $0.99 (App Store)
Category: Education
Updated:Aug 11, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.2
Size: 16.4 MB
Seller:WordWorld, LLC
© 2009 WordWorld
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

]]> 0 abc PocketPhonics for iPhone. Fun Learning Tool for Children and Parents Sun, 23 May 2010 17:02:50 +0000 Read More]]> abc PocketPhonics [rating: 4/5]

abc PocketPhonics is an educational tool to help children read, write and annunciate through active participation with the application. The new iPhone app allows your child to practice three different techniques, letter sounds, letter writing and reading up to 170 first words. All of this is bundled up in a great looking app which speaking on the reaction of my daughter will please and entertain most children.

The developers state that the app has been designed with teachers from both the US and UK and is based around the concept “Reading First” part of the “No Child Left Behind Act” a federal program in the US aimed at improving reading and writing abilities in children.

abc PocketPhonics letter soundsThe first of the two main areas of the app help the child pronounce & write letters. There are 10 sets of letters to chose with all but one of them containing 6 different letters or letter combinations. With a set a letters chosen the first of the group will be pronounced and your child will be asked to repeat it, then they will get to write the letter(s) by tracing them directly on the screen.

Successfully pronouncing and writing the letters will then move the child onto the 2nd part of the app where they will spell words based on listening to different sets of words be pronounced. Again, if your child gets these right they are rewarded again with a cheering pen and pencil who are seen through out the game.

As mentioned previously the games looks great and it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into creating an app that is easy to use allowing the child to focus on learning rather than anything else. The high production values also go as far as the options that amoungst other things allow you to change the voice between US and UK voices, choose the writing style between lower-case, joined-up & upper-case and control the accuracy level to which your child must write the letters.

abc PocketPhonics letter sounds iPhoneAll of these options are behind a parent zone to prevent your child from making any changes, however given that the math question you have to answer to access the parent zone has been the same each time I’ve tried doesn’t make it that secure. Perhaps having the ability to set a pin number would be more useful.

What is also missing is the ability to track a child’s progress as there is no scoring or progression marked though the app. Also missing is the ability to have different profiles so that multiple children could use the app. But then again with no progress to track multiple profiles would be limited.

Overall abc PockPhonics is a great learning aid for young children presented in a way that both parents and children will enjoy. Pick it up now while it’s on sale at 99c and you’ve got an even bigger bargain on your hands.



Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Education
Updated: May 12, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.7.2
Size: 10.3 MB
Language: English
Seller: Apps in My Pocket Ltd
© 2009 Apps in My Pocket Ltd
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

]]> 0 Math Flash Cards Professional for iPhone and iPad Mon, 05 Apr 2010 06:44:43 +0000 Read More]]> Math Flash Cards Professional [rating: 4/5]

Developed by Jason Jardim, Math Flash Cards is a great app for parents teaching their children Math. The app is a pack of flash cards each with different calculations on them that can be used anywhere.

When you first launch the app you need to start out at the settings section, this is where you decide what type of questions you are going to do. First you choose either addition, subtraction, a mix of both or multiplication. Next decide if you want multiple choice questions or to do it the harder way and have no hint at all. If you like, you can set a time limit to complete the questions and it is also at this point that you toggle the button to say whether you want to keep trying if you get the answer incorrect. Then finally choose how many cards you want to do from ten to one hundred.

Math Flash Cards Professional iPhoneAfter I had changed all my settings I then went to the Student section. You can list as many students as you like and it keeps a personal record of each as you do your sums. You create your name and save. Then you are ready to go!

If you are doing the calculations with multiple choice answers, when you start each card has a calculation and at the bottom will be a possibility of four different answers. When you are sure of the answer you tap the correct option, if it’s correct it shows a green tick and if it’s incorrect it shows a red cross and makes a cute ‘oh oh’ sound. If you choose not to do the multiple choice you just type in your answer. You then go on to complete the number of cards you initially choose. When you have finished it tells you how many questions you completed, how many were correct and how many you got wrong. It also tells you the time it took to complete them all.

Each time you complete a set of cards it records it all on your own personal report card so that you can look back and see what previous scores you had. Many young children learning the basics of Maths are taught  by working it out on a piece of paper if they get stuck. This app lets you do just that! You can use your finger as a pen and just let your child draw on the screen so they can work the sum out. To delete it all off you just tap your screen again. An excellent unique feature and one that I feel would be used quite often.

Math Flash Cards Professional iPhone_3The graphics are good, it is all very clear and easy to read. The app has just a few sound effects when you have answered the questions. Which I think was a good choice, too much noise playing would have been distracting. Math Flash Cards Professional is an excellent app to help improve your childs skills and it also makes sure they have fun at the same time.

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Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store Preview)
Released: Mar 25, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 3.1 MB
Language: English
Seller: Jason Jardim
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.

]]> 1 Color Me!!! Provides a great introduction to iPhone for Kids Sun, 14 Mar 2010 04:42:43 +0000 Read More]]> Color Me!!! [rating: 4/5]

Color Me!!! is a simple coloring book aimed at the iPhone/iPod Touch younger users, or perhaps the children of the iPhone/iPod Touch owners. Simplicity is the key for many apps and when your target audience is 2-6 year olds then simplicity is even more imperative, and luckily Color Me!!! is very simple to use.

After launching the applications the child will have 3 categories of pictures to choose from. The first is animals, the second is numbers and the third consist of a range of cartoon style animals. The animal categories are probably going to be the most popular with children, they are big charismatic pictures that I think any child would enjoy adding color to. There are 10 pictures to color in the number section with each one consisting of a single number in a rang of styles.

color me iPhoneSelecting a category and a subsequent picture is very simple. You scroll up and down to move through the categories and then scroll right to left to select a picture to color. While the scrolling through the multiple pictures within each category makes sense having to scroll through 3 images to select a category seems a little bit like scrolling for scrolling sake and for young children specifically it may prove tricky to scroll through just 3 items.

With a picture selected you are now ready to color it. The color pallet is located at the bottom of the screen and rather than just offering a fixed set of colors to choose from the color selection is controlled by a sliding scale of colors meaning that the only limit on color select is your child’s imagination. With the color selected it can be applied to the picture simply by touching the section on the picture that you wish to add the colour too.

The one down side to coloring any picture is the fact that backgrounds can only have a single color applied to them, even if the background is split into multiple areas by other items in the picture applying a color to a part of it will apply it to the whole  background. I think it would be better if this was not the case so that children could have even more options when coloring the picture.

color me iPhone_1The resulting pictures often look great regardless of the colors applied thanks to the bold design of the pictures and its easy to export the pictures too. Each picture includes a Menu and Export but at the top and the Export option allows you to either save the picture to your Photo Library or post it to Facebook, however including a direct link to email the picture would have been nice.

At 99c Color Me!!! is a great introduction to the iPhone/iPod Touch for children and not only will they enjoy coloring the pictures but it will also be a great introduction to how the touch screen works.

The Good

The Not So Good

Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store Preview)
Updated Feb 25, 2010
Current Version: 1.3
Size: 4.6 MB
Languages: English
Seller: SID Sp. z o.o.
© SID On
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

]]> 3 Sky Master: Planetarium App for iPhone Reaches for the Stars But Falls Just Short Fri, 05 Mar 2010 18:37:39 +0000 Read More]]> Sky Master [rating: 3.5/5]

I’ve always enjoyed star gazing and know all of the big constellations such as Orion and the Big Dipper but I’ve never had the time or energy to work out all of the other stars and constellations as I’ve never found an easy way to do it. Books and maps of the night sky are too cumbersome and I’ve never been able to use a telescope with any great deal of success, possible because when I have brought one I’ve always skimped on the price unwilling to pay the huge amounts of money that the really good ones cost.

However, now with Sky Master you can have a complete map of the night sky in your pocket at all times. What makes Sky Master even better is that thanks to the GPS capabilities of the iPhone it is able to show you the night sky based on your location and the date and time that you are there. Eager to try this out I headed outside and launched the application.

Sky Master iPhone Planetarium Application

Unfortunately for me I have an iPod Touch rather than an iPhone and there for it was not able to get a fix on my location. Slightly disappointed I thought I would persevere and attempt to locate myself using Sky Master and find the night sky manually. Unfortunately this was not so easy as the only method of finding my location was to enter my Longitude and Latitude which was not something I one had at hand.

There is no doubt that Sky Master contains a lot of information. From manually scrolling around the application it was easy to navigate the night sky by simply dragging my finger across the screen both left and right and up and down. There is a horizon line to help you locate the stars and planets too and clicking directly on anyone will bring up the details of it, many of which you would probably need to be a qualified astronomer to even understand. This is what makes Sky Master ideal for all levels however, easy enough for the amateur but with enough detail for the serious astronomer. When viewing the details some of the planets especially will show you a full size image of the planet in question which looks great.

The controls are very intuitive and with practically no help screens in the app it’s still easy to navigate yourself around both the app and the night sky at the same time.

In addition to the planetarium it is also possible to view the position of the planets relative to each other. In both these sections you can also fast-forward or reverse time and see the position of the stars, planets and galaxies and any of those times, although i have to admit why I would want to do that I’m not sure! It is easy to do though so if that is something you want to do it won’t be difficult for you.

Sky Master iPhone Planetarium Application_2

Back looking at the night sky you can also zoom in and out to view the stars in more detail and this is especially useful when looking at the constellations where I was certainly surprised to find the number of stars that actually make up some of them where I had previously thought it had only been a handful. If you know your celestial object names you can also search for them by name, again this was very easy but not knowing any star I was unable to use it to great effect and I found myself scrolling the night sky manually instead.

One nice feature is the ability to in affect dim the lights of the app so that the starts and planets are merely a red glow. This protects your eyes from having to adjust and re-adjust as you switch between looking at the app and the night sky itself.

The major problem I had with Sky Master though is that it frequently crashed causing me to have to reload the app. This happened after multiple restarts of my iPod Touch too and I certainly hope that this is addressed in a future update as if it was more stable it would definitely be worth having in the hand of any astronomer and at just $2.99 it’s not going to break the bank either.

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The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Feb 26, 2010
Reviewed Version: 2.0
Size: 19.4 MB
Languages: English, Dutch
Seller: Michael Latour
© 2010 iCoder
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

]]> 1 Look In My Eyes for iPhone Helps Address Specific Needs of Autistic Children Sun, 28 Feb 2010 20:52:34 +0000 Read More]]> Look In My Eyes (Restaurant) [rating: 4/5]

This is a bit of a different kind of iPhone App to what I am used to reviewing as while Look In My Eyes is a game then underlying purpose of the app is to help children with Autism to improve specifically on one area and that is looking into peoples eyes. Now I don’t know much about Autism but having read up a bit about it I understand that looking at someone in the eye’s is a particular problem and so while this app only addresses a specific need for families for an Autistic child it’s a very important one.

The app works on a very simple premise that you complete a task and you get a reward. In this case the task in question is to look into the eyes of the children’s faces that appear on the screen. As you do so a number will briefly appear in there eyes and if you are quick enough to see the number you then get to enter the number on the next screen and win a reward in the form of some virtual money.

Look In My Eyes autistic child iphone_3

So the app works on two levels, not only does it encourage a child to focus on the eyes but it also encourages number recognition and so I would expect with enough use both things would improve for any child that is using this on a regular basis.

However, it goes without saying that a child isn’t going to play this ‘game’ if the reward isn’t rewarding so it’s this area that may appeal to some children and not so much to others. As previously mentioned you earn virtual money for recognizing the numbers that appear in the children’s eyes and that money can then be spent completing the interior design of a restaurant by purchasing items from tables and chairs to Soda Machines and Coffee Maker not to mention the food of course.

While it’s good to see a constructive reward system I have my reservations on how enjoyable the building of a restaurant, or auto shop depending on which app you purchase, will be for any child let alone a child with Autism.

Building your restaurant or auto shop is relatively easy, after purchasing an item you can navigate through the various rooms before pacing it where you would like it. You can then rotate and move the items until it’s in the perfect location for you. What is limiting in this part of the app is that there is no reward for good management of your restaurant. While I wouldn’t expect a game with the complexity of a game such as the Sims getting some additional reward for building a good business would provide additional incentive to continue playing the game.

Look In My Eyes autistic child iphone_5

Interestingly the developers have made one bug in the game into a positive. They state that if too many items are purchased and placed into your restaurant then the app can crash due to the limited memory of the iPhone and they therefore encourage you to make regular ‘snapshots’ of your work just in case that happens. Why they just haven’t fixed this bug I’m not sure.

As I said before it’s difficult to rate an app that isn’t directly marketed to me, however that being said, it definitely does appear to address a specific issue that children with Autism suffer from and it’s presented in a clear, colorful and concise way. I would certainly recommend any one with an Autistic child to take a look at this app.

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store)
Updated Feb 17, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.3
Size: 9.4 MB
Languages: English
Seller: David Cort
© 2010 David Cort
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation). Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

]]> 1 iUmmm Unique App To Help You Improve Public Speaking and Presentation Abilities Thu, 31 Dec 2009 06:26:55 +0000 Read More]]> iUmmm [rating: 2.5/5]

Many applications in the App Store these days are simply re-workings of the same things. iUmmm however is, as far as I can see, completely unique, for iUmmm is an application to help anyone and everyone improve on their public speaking and presentation abilities by rating you as you practice your speech or presentation and then report back on how you did, specifically in regard to the use of those vocal pauses that can bring any speech down to it’s knees.

iummmThe iUmmm application allows you to track up to 5 of what you consider to be you most frequently used vocal pauses such as “Ummm”, “Like”, “But” etc. and while it comes preset with 5 of them you can edit them to be specific to your needs.

Starting a session couldn’t be easier, simply add your name and a name for the event that you are practicing for and you are ready to go. At this point I have to admit I was getting ready to start speaking and see the application start counting my vocal pauses. Unfortunately I was to be disappointed as the is no vocal recognition going on here, instead the app relies on manual input to increase or decrease the number of times you say the specific words you are wanting to track.

This can work if you have someone else with you who is willing to listen to you make your speech numerous times but to try and count your words as you make your speech is practically impossible and therefore the app is truly only usable with two people. If you do find someone to use the application with, and remember everything is better in two’s, you can generate some good stats.

Each session can be tracked based by name and the specific event that you are practicing for and your results are stored for your future reference allowing you to track your progress and hopefully see a reduction in your errors. The reports could certainly be better. At present you will simply get a text based report on each individually tracked session. What would be nice to see is the ability to chart your progress so that you can see at a glance how you are doing.

Your practices can also be timed and this can be especially useful if you have a time limit to meet or if you have to time your speech to coincide with other events, Again, although the overall time is recorded in each individual report it’s not possible to visually track your progress in regard to timings either in graph form.

This app has so much potential but as it is the benefit is going to be limited, if the developers can add voice recognition so that the app can be used be one person and if the reports can be improved so that all of the stats can be plotted on a graph they could be on to a winner.

At just 99 cents (iTunes Link) it may be a good idea to get in on this app on the ground floor with the anticipation of even greater functionality in a future release. At present the app gets a 2.5 out of 5 but with the successful addition of both the previously mentioned additions it would easily double it’s current rating.

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I’ve tried many different apps but How2Draw Faces is a completely new genre for me and a quick search of the App Store would suggest that it’s relatively unique for the iPhone/iPod touch too. ZeroUm Digital aims to teach us how to draw faces, there are future apps planned that will teach the user how to draw other items too but for now it’s faces.

How to Draw Faces iPhone

There are 8 faces to draw, 3 men, 3 women a child and an old man, although the end results are completely different the steps that the app takes you through are broken down into simple steps that makes drawing a face a simple task for even the most artistically challenged people, and I should know because I am one of those people. The app is well put together and is easy to navigate and looks as professional as the results that it aims to help you create.

After selecting any of the 8 faces you are shown over the course of around 12 steps to draw the face, from a simple circle to start with and guide-lines for the features to the finer details of the eyes and lips and the final stages where the the pencil marks are over written with a pen allowing the initial pencil lines to be erased and the final results revealed.

How to Draw Faces iPhone_3

The unique thing about How2Draw Faces though is the ability to take a photo of your drawing and overlay the your drawing with the drawing in the application. This is easily completed and once the image has been loaded you can resize and rotate the picture to align it and see where you may need to make any adjustments.

For a non-artistic person this app made it surprisingly easy to produce some decent results so for any aspiring artist I would say that this and the future apps that are planned in this series will be a great starting point to get the basics done.

How2Draw – Faces does exactly what it sets out to do.

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