Cause of Death for iPhone An engaging thriller that will have you coming back for more

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Cause of Death Rating: Cause of Death for iPhone 4 is the second text based adventure game from EA Mobile in the same style as their previous text based adventure game Surviving High School. When I say text based I don’t mean that there are no graphics, in fact the menu’s, multiple environments and characters are beautiful in their style and … Read More

Zlider for iPhone 4 New Puzzle Game That Will Intrigue and Challenge

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Zlider Puzzle Game for iPhone 4

Zlider Rating: Zlider is a fun action based puzzle game where your task is to control the environment to clear the path for a meteoroid that travels along a given line through to the end of the level. The environment that you have control over are the walls that have gaps in them that the meteoroid can pass through. The meteoroid … Read More

Perfect Photo for iPhone 4 : Touch Up Your Mobile Photos on the Move

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Perfect Photo iPhone 4

Perfect Photo Rating: No doubt some of you will be taking your iPhone with you to the odd party this weekend. Whether it be New Years celebrations tonight, or after parties through the long weekend. And if you’re taking pictures in unfamiliar locations it might be handy to have an app or two for removing Red Eye or Graininess from shots. … Read More

‘Bulba the Cat’ New 3D Platformer for iPhone With Cute Graphics

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Bulba The Cat Sushi

Bulba the Cat Rating: Ever wanted to control a bouncing cat around multiple levels while collecting sushi? No, me neither, but now you can with Bulba the Cat for iPhone. The cartoon graphics will certainly appeal to a younger crowd, as will the cute music and sound effects, don’t let the cuteness fool you though as underneath is a challenging 3D … Read More

The Simplest of Games Can Sometime be The Best, Gravity Guy for iPhone is a perfect example of that

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Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy Rating: Sometimes it’s the simplest of games that have that addictive hook that just keeps you coming back for more. Many years ago, more than I would like to imagine, it was the range of Yeti games that stopped me from doing what I was supposed to be doing, now though I fear it will be Gravity Guy. All … Read More

‘Push Panic’ for iPhone Panic Inducing Puzzle Game that is a Must Buy

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Push Panic iPhone

Push Panic Rating: There are a plethora of match three type games in the App Store, this one however is a little different, as instead of being a match 3 game it’s a match any number game and this makes it uniquely different. Throw in a handful of tetris and you will somewhere near to an understanding of what Push Panic … Read More

Pocket World at War for iPhone A Strategy Game You Should Buy With No Risk!

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Risk Online Multiplayer Game

Pocket World at War Rating: We’ve reviewed a few different Risk clones and the original Risk itself over the last few months and now comes another with one major difference, for Pocket World at War from Prolific Games Inc plays in real time, there are no dice and you don’t have to wait for the other players to make their move … Read More

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance Review for iPhone 4

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Backbreaker 2 Vengeance

Backbreaker 2 Vengeance Rating: Backbreaker 2 has just smashed it’s way into the App Store, with bigger hits, improved graphics and a new game mode everything points to another great way to imagine yourself playing in the NFL, but is it a big enough improvement over the original to demand its purchase? The graphics have certainly been improved which is quite … Read More

Doodle Invasion for iPhone Another Great Addition to the Doodle Range of Games

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Doodle Invasion iPhone

Doodle Invasion Rating: Another addition to the range of games with doodle in the title, this time in the form of Doodle Invasion for iPhone. The invasion in this game is of aliens onto a beach and it’s your task to defend the beach from the onslaught. Your primary method of defense is your breaker which you can draw across the … Read More

Count Down To Christmas With ‘Angry Birds Seasons’ for iPhone

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Angry Birds Seasons Christmas

Angry Birds Seasons Rating: The countdown to christmas has begun and yet another great game has been updated to get you into the holiday mood. Developed by Rovio Angry Birds Seasons is the app for all the seasons of the year. The last one was Halloween and now they have added the Christmas theme. If you have played Angry Birds for … Read More

Aaah! Chompsters! for iPhone 4. A World of Chomping Monsters that Ultimately Lacks Bite

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Aaah Chompsters iPhone

Aaah! Chompsters! Rating: If you enjoy using explosives to feed crocodile looking Chompsters with little monsters then this 60 level app could be just the game for you.  Aaah! Chompsters! is a physics based puzzle game where the premise is exactly as mentioned in the previous sentence. There is no pre-amble to the game, instead you are instantly taken to the … Read More