Apple’s WWDC Slated for June 5th – 9th in 2011?

AppleBitch has spotted a “vanilla” booking for the Moscone West Convention Centre at about the time that the Apple World Wide Developers Conference is normally held. Based on previous Apple WWDC bookings it seems likely that this is the date for WWDC this year.

WWDC used to be the event that new Mac operating systems were exclusively previewed at, before becoming more iOS centric over the last couple of years. Something that drew a little bit of criticism from Apple traditionalists last year.

But this year both the iOS and OS X camps should expect a very exciting time. Apple’s latest desktop operating system OS X Lion is likely to be at least one of the two major focuses of the event, as well as the inevitable iOS news, updates and developer sessions.

There are also some similar bookings at the same location for May 10th – 11th, and June 22nd-23rd. Which some are suggesting are likely launch dates for the iPad 2 and iPhone 5, respectively.

We think the May date is a little late for the iPad 2 – which has already gone into production. But the iPhone 5 date seems likely.

Are you excited about WWDC and OS X Lion? Or more interested in new iPhones and iPads? Have your say in the comments…


Stephen NorthcottApple’s WWDC Slated for June 5th – 9th in 2011?