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]]> By: Batman Fri, 02 Nov 2012 02:53:00 +0000 KyleRay I don’t want you to tell us what you really think, I just want you to tell us if you do think.

]]> By: Dana Gonzales Thu, 01 Nov 2012 21:20:00 +0000 Please tell us what you really think….

]]> By: KyleRay Thu, 01 Nov 2012 20:25:00 +0000 At the same time….. Samsung will report well over $220 Billion in Revenue, while also spending $42 Billion on CAPEX to build new fabrication plants and upgrading those, like Austin Texas Semiconductor. Even though they are intent on kicking Apple out at the end of the present parts contract and leased space in their FTZ and Shipping Port. Meaning that Apple will no longer get the huge tax and duty benefits from having those parts made in America! …….and they certainly won’t be getting them after being forced to move to more expensive TSMC…… either! ;-P

Meanwhile back at SAMSUNG…. huge spread and ranch, customers are lining up to take Apple’s place in getting those same benefits for greater profits Apple has been enjoying since iPhone first launched. With Nvidia, Qualcomm, Broadcom and many others in joyous celebration over Apple lame move in an attempt to iSue Samsung out of business.

How in the World could Apple be so arrogant and naive to think Steve wasn’t out of his ever self loving gourd (by cancer) in declaring Thermonuclear War on Samsung and demanding $30 per phone and $45 per tablet PC??? Now they only succeeded in pissing off a company that’s far bigger than they are. Who also formed and supplied the basis of iPhone’s success and has lived in a country the past 60 yrs prepared to be attacked by North Korea. History should have told them Samsung would mobilize to out sell and out spend them in every possible way. Now having DOUBLED and OVER DOUBLED their iPhone sales alone the last two Quarters!

That’s the real reason for the reduced outlook on the Q4 Annual 2012 outlook! …..expect that to only get worse. With fail supply of Screens for iPad Mini and their Terry Gou’s Owned “Chinese Animals” unable to make enough PERFECT back covers out of Apple’s CHEAP Semi impure Aluminum anodized back cases! ;-P …..Aluminum Oxide has a nasty habit of not liking to stick to impure inferior die cast aluminum!!!