Aloud – The Reason To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S

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Aloud Jailbreak Tweak

There are plenty of little jailbreak tweaks for iPhone 4S that come along, while they are very nice they don’t change your life. Aloud is not one of those tweaks, ok, it may not change your life but, it can certainly change they way that you use your iPhone.

At first it seems that Aloud is a fairly straight forward tweak, it simply reads aloud your notifications for you using Siri’s distinctive tones, however, you don’t have to stick to the voice set for Siri, you can instead choose from one of over 30 different voices, some of which can be very funny if you don’t think it’s thinly veiled racism! However it’s the depth of Aloud that makes it fully functional and usable in your everyday life.

Enabling Aloud is simple, once downloaded from Cydia a new option is added to your Settings and the full app can be either enabled or disabled. At this point all notifications will be read aloud to you as soon as they appear on your screen. This means that you don’t have to be looking at your iPhone to know whats happening.

This may be a little overkill though, having every notification read out to you may be too much for you, let alone everyone else that will also be able hear your notifications, including the text message from your significant other telling you that they love you, if not worse!

Help is at hand though as there are multiple options to control which alerts are read and when. You can set which apps don’t speak aloud by turning them off via the Application setting for that app completely but then you can also limit them based on whether your device is locked or not, only when you are wearing headphones, while you are on a call, on certain wi-fi networks or when certain apps are running. The options are endless, although there’s no way to only speak the personal text messages from your significant other as mentioned previously.

The latest update to Aloud will even read a full email to you, again, that may be a little to much to handle, although if you’ve enabled the Stop Speaking Activator method you can immediately stop the notification being spoken by completing one of the many Activation methods, in my case a double click of the Home button.

The features keep on coming though and now Aloud can even announce map directions for you from the default maps app. This could be the difference between spending big on a full fledge navigation app or not.

If you only buy one Jailbreak app then this is the one, it’s the reason why people jailbreak. Aloud is available in the Cydia Store now for just $1.99.



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