‘All Star Quarterback’ for iPhone and iPad Now Available on the App Store

All Star Quarterback

Just in time for the new football season Full Fat is back with a new game called ‘All Star Quarterback’. Their previous hits include sports games such as Flick Soccer!, NFL Quarterback 13 and NFL Kicker 13.

You play as a rising Quarterback in a quest to make a dream career. The game features 32 teams and you make lifestyle and career decisions to rise to the top. If you’re a fan of real-life sports simulations then All Star Quarterback is certainly worth checking out.

Some of the features include:

  • Play the ultimate Pro Football lifestyle simulator!
  • Work your way from Rookie to become the Most Valuable Player
  • Master the playbook
  • Watch the fantasy TV-style match simulation
  • Hit the gym: train your QB in mini-games
  • Build your lifestyle: buy anything from clothes to private jets
  • Gain sponsors with payouts and missions
  • Stunning 3D engine with retina graphics

Be sure you keep the energy levels of your player high, if you run low on energy you have to purchase energy drinks to keep going. Energy drinks can be bought with in-game currency which is earned as you play and get salary. Of course, you can use in-app purchase to advance by paying real money in exchange for in-game currency.

Mini-games help you train your player and increase fitness levels. However, technical and physical capabilities aren’t enough. You are also tasked with keeping high social ratings by engaging with fans, coach and media.

All Star Quarterback is a universal game available for both iPhone and iPad. Let us know what you think about the game in the comments below.

All Star Quarterback

by Full Fat

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    iOS (Universal)

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    2.3 ⋅ 65 MB

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All Star Quarterback

Live the life of an All Star Quarterback! Lead your team to glory in the ultimate QB simulation. It's about the game, the money, the fame. Can you handle the pressure of the most valuable position on the field?


Live the dream, call the shots in your QB life with real-time game reporting, making decisions that define your career.

"This twist on traditional sports games is surprisingly refreshing." - 148apps.com

Handle relationships with your coach, agent, fans and more. Train your abilities. Get drafted to new teams. Follow the twists and turns of a real football career. Win it all.


• Awesome real-time 3D plays in games
• Make game-changing and career-defining decisions
• Work your way up the depth chart
• Hit the gym in three workout mini-games
• Learn new plays on the practice field
• Impress your coach and the media
• Hire an agent and win over the fans
• Gain sponsors with missions and bonuses
• Buy real estate, cars, clothes and private jets
• Enjoy stunning high resolution HD graphics

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