6 of the Best Turn Based games for iPhone and iPad

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Words with Friends-6

There are many types of games within the app store that are always popular. Turn based games are just one of them. Games where you play online with another player around the world. These can range from word games to dice games. All offering lots of competive fun. Here are a list of six of the best turn based games for iPhone and iPad available in the app store.

Words With Friends – If you have ever played Scrabble then you will know how to play Words With Friends it is almost the same game play. Play with friends by passing your device or play online with friends from around the world. You can play up to 20 games simultaneously and these can be friends you already have or you can let the game match a random player for you. The game recently added Facebook integration also so now you can play with your Facebook friends.

Words with Friends-6

Within the game there is also chat messaging should you wish to brag and boast to your opponent. The game will send you a push notification to let you know when it is your turn to move. So simply build your word, hit submit and the other player then takes their turn.


Chess With Friends – Chess with friends is a game of classic chess that you can either play by pass and play with friends or play online, turn based just like Words With Friends.

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The same rules apply as in the real game. Just make your move and then it will tell the player it is their turn to go via push notifications. You can play up to 20 games with friends and the app also as the chat feature within the game. Each games also tracks your move so you can see what you did last so you don’t forget what tactics you were planning.


Hanging With Friends – From the same creators of Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends works the same way. This time instead of a Scrabble board you are playing a game of the old classic game hangman. A game where you have to guess the word by guessing a letter at a time. This time there is no man hanging from a noose. Instead you have cute looking characters holding on to 5 balloons. Every time you get a word wrong a balloon will pop. The first person to pop all their balloons will lose.

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To play you first guess the word your opponent has created then create one of your own for them. Then submit it and wait for them to take their turn. The game again sends you a notifcation when it is your turn to move.


Dice With Buddies – This is a dice game exactly the same as Yahtzee. Each player takes their turn to roll the dice and you have to get a set sequence of numbers on your dice. All depending on what score you are aiming for at the time and what sequence. You do the same as the word games, take your turm and then wait for your opponent to make their move.

DIce with Buddies-2

There is also the chat feature in this game so again you can boast and talk to the other player. Also within the game it will list your high and low scores and place them on a leaderboard. It will also tell you how many games you have won and lost and your average scores.


Disc Drivin’ – Disc Drivin’ is a racing game with a great unique twist to it. Instead of racing around a track in a car you are racing discs.

Disc Drivin-3

You race round the track by using your fingers to swipe the disc and flick it off the point where it is at. Along the way you will build up power to then use turbo boosts. You can also use it to stop your opponent from gaining speed by using it to drop bombs, water puddles and oil slicks.

Make your way around the track to take the lead and win. All the tracks are different and there are lots of bends in many of them to make it hard for you. Watch out for bumps, barriers and flip boards that will flip you over to the other side of where you might not want to be. All the time trying not to fall off the edge.

There are lots of tracks to choose from all in a great 3D background. You can replay each players turn to see the move they made. A new feature they have just added is the ability to customise your disc. Some are free and others you can buy in-app. You can play up to 20 games at a time with your online friends or same as the above games just pass and play.

Again there is in house chat and push notifications to tell you when it is your turn.


Jenga – Jenga for iPhone is just like the actual Jenga game. You have to pull a block from the Jenga tower and place it at the top of the block with-out it falling down. Any block you touch can affect the other blocks nearby just like it would in the real block game.

Jenga for iPhone-5

To play you tap the block you want to move and then slowly pull it out by dragging the box with your finger. Then it will appear at the top of the tower and you have to tap it to drop it on the top.

It starts out easy then as you progress it gets harder and harder as your tower starts to wobble. You can move around the tower and see all the sides so you can decide easily the move to make before you do. To play you canpass and play or there is the online turn based feature.

Again Jenga works pretty much the same as the above where you make your move and then await your turn. Push notifications will let you know when it is your turn. Jenga is also integrated with Game Center so you can play with any of your friends on there.


So there you have six of the best turn based games on the App Store. Which turn based game are you currently playing? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Lee

    Seriously, Social Chess is SO MUCH BETTER than Chess With Friends.  It’s just new so not nearly as popular.

  2. Julie

    These are some of my favorite games. There are plenty of others out there, but these are the ones I play consistently. Seems they’re always waiting for me in the background. Great list!

  3. Vicente Ragal

    Great list. Think Carcassonne must be in here. I’ve been in the fence bout Disc Drivin’. Think i’m gonna download it. Thanks!

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