ZombiePanic Review: The Zombies Panic If You Don’t

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ZombiePanic Review iPhone-3

Rating: ★★★★☆

ZombiePanic Review: A carnival-style, Whack-a-Mole® type of game where zombies are all around and it’s your job to take them out while sparing the other survivors of the apocalypse.

You’re just an average Joe when the apocalypse hits, and suddenly everything around you changes. People most of all. What used to be just a salary man or a cheer girl are now zombies ready to attack you from all sides. You find yourself on a street lined with doors and manholes where either survivors or zombies could pop out at any moment. Your job is to negotiate the doors, looking for ones with exclamation points especially, and be ready to take out the zombies when the doors open. Of course, you don’t want to harm any innocents; so knee-jerk reflexes must be tempered with a moment of discernment.

Zombies can also be behind boarded up doors or in wooden crates or pop up from the manholes. Basically, if something moves, chances are you’ll need to kill it. Just don’t jump too quickly. You take out the zombies using your skills and weapon, both of which can be upgraded over time. Just tapping on a zombie’s head pretty much does the job, although you may have to tap more than once. And to keep it interesting survivors can turn to zombies right before your eyes. But don’t shoot before they’re fully lost. That’s the same as taking out an innocent.

ZombiePanic Review iPhone-5

On occasion you stumble into a zombie rush where you don’t have to go looking for the zombies because they’re coming after you. In this rapid-fire game mode you pretty much shoot anything that moves and hope you can hold the hordes off.

The feel of the games is a bit dark, but not depressing. The zombies lean more towards the comic than the gory. The music is more suited to an action movie than a horror flick, but some sound effects lean towards spooky. You can also choose from easy, normal, insane, and unlimited game modes to suit your ability and preferences.

ZombiePanic Review iPhone-4

ZombiePanic {$.99} is a fun, quick-thinking, reflex-testing game. It’s probably best played in short spurts, which can be defined as anything from a few minutes to a few hours. The challenge is simple, but good. It’s an excellent way to prepare for the coming apocalypse.
ZombiePanic - NTAFF
What we like:

  • Controls/game concept easy to master
  • Variety of weapons/skills keep the battle interesting
  • Different modes mix up the game play

What to know:

  • Game instruction screen is a little overwhelming and maybe tries to do too much in one place



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