‘Zombie Wonderland’ for iPhone Coming Soon

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Zombie Wonderland iPhone

The App Store is currently seeing an increase in the number of Zombie shooting games, Chillingo and Xoobis recently signed an agreement to add another game to the growing list with their upcoming title called Zombie Wonderland.

Zombie Wonderland is a simple zombie shooting game where you play as Chuck, a zombie clearer whose job is to eliminate the zombie infestation in a town called Niceville.

You fight the zombies with your weapons in four different locations (Aunt Lilly’s Home, Joe’s Bar, Jake’s bodyshop and Olaf’s Funeral Home) The game is almost ready and will be submitted at the end of this month.

Chuck’s bad guys list

  • Greenies: the regular crowd, rotting, mumbling, slow moving, brain eating undead.
  • Meanies: larger zombies, slower but deadly, packing a heavy punch that destroys all around him.
  • Flamies: Zombies on fire. They run around screaming, and setting other guys on fire on contact! Great fireworks display when shot. Be careful not to get too close, they burn!
  • Grannies: Old ladies that decided to stop by for tea. Not herbal tea. Eyeball tea more likely. Their scream is bone chilling and can destroy anything in range.

Zombie Wonderland Screenshots


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