Zombie Gunship Review: Fun Twist to the Zombie Killing Genre

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Zombie Gunship for iPhone-2

Rating: ★★★★½

Zombie Gunship Review: It seems that the onslaught of zombie based games shows no signs of letting up. The same is true of the onslaught of zombies attempting to breach the door of the bunker which remains the one safe spot for humankind as the earth is overrun by zombies.

The people on the ground though are not alone as there is a lone gunship flying overhead which you take control of in a vain attempt to keep the flesh eating monsters away from the bunker entrance.

If you’ve seen the video footage of the bombing raids of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya then you will be familiar with the view of the desolated waste ground that you have as you slowly fly over the area covering the entrance. A night vision awaits you with the cold bodies of the zombies showing black while the last few humans show up glowing white due to the heat from their bodies.

Zombie Gunship for iPhone-1

Your only task is to aim your weapons and shoot. A short tutorial takes you through the basics and it’s not long before you hear the rattle of your guns littering the ground and the zombies with bullets. The zombies arrive pretty sporadically to begin with and you can easily pick them off before your gun over heats. That doesn’t last for long though and you’ll soon find yourself struggling to keep you weapon from over heating as your bunker becomes under threat.

The simple challenge of the game is to see how long you can survive and the simple answer at the beginning is not long as you will soon become overrun with the undead and it will be game over.

Zombie Gunship for iPhone-3

However, which each attempt you will be rewarded with power-ups to your gunship meaning that not only can you upgrade you weapons but also purchase new ones and some extras that boost your point scoring potential but also give you the opportunity to purchase a Bomb Buddy which will automatically clear the entrance to the bunker once per game should the zombies be about to spill the blood of all those inside.

Spread amongst the hordes of undead are humans that are seeking cover. Sometimes these will be in the center of a swarm of zombies and it will be a challenge to avoid killing them. Kill three of the humans that are seeking cover though at it will be game over. Just when you thought it was getting easy though mutant zombies will appear that will require multiple shots to kill, with those mutant zombies around keeping the bunker safe just gets even harder!

Zombie Gunship for iPhone-4

The game is a little repetitive but the challenge of trying to beat you high score and earn the coins to boost your gunship kept me coming back for more again and again. Coins are earn’t relatively quickly and you can get an extra 1000 coins buy liking Zombie Gunship on Facebook. However, if you are a little impatient and you want to max out your upgrades as quickly as possible you can purchase more coins via in app purchase.

Zombie Gunship {$.99} is a great little game with pick up and play features and a can’t put down addictiveness. A GameCenter leaderboard will keep you up to date on how you compare to your friends, (no achievements at this point), and you can also post your scores to Facebook to challenge you friends to beat your score.

At just 99 cents for a universal app you can’t go wrong with this zombie slaughterfest.
Zombie Gunship - Limbic Software

  • Instant zombie killing fun
  • Nice controls with multiple weapons
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Can get repetitive
  • No GameCenter achievements


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