“Zombie Flick” for iPhone Coming to the App Store this July

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Zombie Flick iPhoneZombie games on the App Store have been a huge success. This week Apple has featured 32 best Zombie games for the iPhone/iPod touch. If you love zombie games then go ahead and check out the featured list of games here.

Full Fat, developers of the hugely popular pick-up-and-play soccer game Deadball Specialist ($.99, App Store) are now ready to dive into the Zombie genre with their upcoming game Zombie Flick.

This summer the dead will rise… so you’d better be Quick or be Dead in Zombie Flick, a killer of a game coming soon to the App Store.

During the 1970s an incurable virus spreads throughout the Southern States. With no food or guns to hand, it’s down to you as lone survivor to make the dead masses feel the pain.

Using nothing but useless everyday objects, flick, dismember and decapitate all that come at you to survive! Wrapped up in an atmospheric cinematic style, Zombie Flick will provide a fresh – and bloody – experience to players worldwide.

Zombie Flick offers these blood-splattering features:

  • Survival Mode
  • Last Stand Mode
  • Dozens of unusual weapons, from frisbees to watermelons, and LP records!
  • Loads of Zombie types
  • Intuitive easy to use flick mechanic
  • Incredible 3D visuals complete with dismemberment, decapitation and gallons of blood!
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • OpenFeint Support

Zombie Flick will be available to purchase on the App Store this July. Stay tuned for more info and review when the game launches.


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