Zenonia 3 Review : Big Time Fun and Great Replay Value

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Rating: ★★★★½

Zenonia 3 is a crazy expansive game that sports an awesome story and tons of replay value. This third chapter in the Zenonia series takes an already popular game and improves on its weak points. The game has tons of customization and missions and will not grow old anytime soon.

The control system for Zenonia 3 for iPhone [$4.99] is pretty simple. The game has a ton of options but most of them are menu based so the overall gameplay mechanics are fairly easy to use. You have a left, right, down and up with a button for action and a quick inventory button. The quick inventory button is quite handy as it provides quick access to healing potions and things like that when you are in the midst of a hardcore battle. It came in especially handy for me when I fought the first boss and needed a healing potion. The action button is used for talking to people, moving stones, using tools, picking up items and my favorite, ATTACKING! I played through the game with the melee-based character and loved it. It harkened me back to the old school games like Zelda that I used to play with a new and improved action style with the old school feel. It definitely has a sort of NES feel to me and I love it. One other little hidden gem about this game is that you can fully customize the layout of the controls on the screen by going into the configuration tool and dragging the items around, AWESOME feature! The control never got too complex and the menu system makes it easy to equip and utilize items you find.


This game has all kinds of options when it comes to the items you pick up. You have tier based armor and weapons to go along with all sorts of other items. The menu system contains options like status, equipment, inventory, skill, fairy and quest. Beneath these options are more options and you can be as involved as you want to be with these. I tried both, not using them that much at the beginning and then using them like a mad man part way through the game. I must say, USE THEM! It improves the game and makes the game what it is supposed to be and that is incredibly in depth. I don’t mean in-depth in the sense that you can’t pick up and play but in-depth in that you have tons of options. As you dominate enemies you increase your skills in which you get to divide into four different categories. These different options let you customize your character to your style and that is what this game is all about.


The story is completely immersive and drags you into the world in which your characters are struggling to escape. Like many games, you start as a talented but unseasoned character that develops along the way. There are 227 unique maps and 136 quests that allow your character plenty of time to develop into the warrior you want him to be. The four different types of characters that you have to choose from at the beginning of the game are: Sword Knight, Shadow Hunter, Mechanic Launcher and Nature Shaman. They have done away with the weight and hunger system which is a plus for most. The slot bases inventory management system allows for utilizing all the tools that this game gives you to defeat your enemies and trust me, there’s a lot of them. With Over 200 intelligent monsters, intuitive Fairy synchronization and more mini-puzzles to master this game never gets old and keeps the environments and characters changing. All of this goes great with the immersive story and helps you understand just how deep this game is.


The presentation that this game brings to you is second to none. Sure its not going to wow you with earth shattering graphics but all of the attention to detail and focus on the little things helps you understand just how well put together this game is.

This game has 3 different difficulty modes that allow you to take on a stiffer challenge if you think you’re up to it. There is also a asynchronous online player verse player area that allows you to test your skills against other real life players. This is a huge add for me, someone who loves multiplayer games. This game never loses track of its RPG roots but it deviates at times to add something for everybody. With the head to head mode and tons of achievements via Game Center, you have social tie-ins and head to head action for those that prefer a little of those flavors in their RPG games. The head to head arena is an option though and that is a great idea. Overall the graphics and music are great but come secondary to a great story and incredibly deep gameplay. It is worth absolutely every penny and I know I’ll be playing it for quite awhile.


  • Incredible Detail
  • Head to Head Mode
  • Game Center Built In
  • Great Story
  • Smooth Gameplay


  • If any I would say that there is no Twitter or Facebook Integration

UPDATE: Game Center achievements can be posted to Twitter or Facebook from the list in Zenonia 3. Thanks @GAMEVIL





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