X2 Soccer 2010 for iPhone. Sparkling Soccer Game That Just Keeps Giving

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X2 Soccer 2010

X2 Soccer 2010 Rating: ★★★★½

I’ve played many, many soccer games on multiple platforms but the two that I regularly come back to are the the Fifa games from EA and Pro Evo from Konami. While Fifa has already produced a great soccer game in the form of Fifa 10 we must wait a little while longer to see what Konami bring to the iPhone and iPod Touch when they release their version later this year. While we are waiting though we can spend our time checking our X2 Soccer 2010, the follow up to last years X2 Soccer 2009.

X2 Soccer 2010 is an arcade soccer game that not only has more options than you can shake a stick at has quality oozing through it too. To begin with there are 150 club teams to choose from all the top leagues and the national sides too. Licensing on such games is extremely complicated so while some of the team and player names are accurate some are just slightly off, such as Manchester Red instead of Manchester Utd. However all these details can be edited and not only that they can also be exported or imported so that you can share your changes with your friends.

The single player game plays great, you can play a quick game, start a league or cup competition and bring your soccer fantasies to life. In addition to the normal game modes there is also the Dream Team mode where you aim to take a team of no-hopers to the top of the world by earning tokens as you play your games. These tokens can then be used to improve you players and your team and it can really prove a rewarding challenge.

In addition to the multitude of single player options you can also play in one of the three multi-player options. The multi-player option is where the game comes to life as not only can you play a local multi-player game over either Bluetooth or Wifi but you can also play over the internet against a random opponent or against a friend. Both options play really well and playing a friend is as easy as you both entering the same code regardless of where you are in world. There has been some lag on some of the online games that I played but nothing that stopped my enjoyment of the game.

X2 Soccer 2010 5

So how does the game play and how does it look and feel? The graphics aren’t going to win any awards but they are good enough and the player animations flow well across the screen as you play the game. The controls are three action buttons on the bottom right corner of the screen and a floating virtual d-pad on the left. The floating virtual d-pad works excellently, as it locates itself where ever you touch the screen in the bottom left corner meaning that you’ll never miss it at a a crucial moment.

The three action buttons take control of pass, shoot and through ball and take advantage of single taps and holds to enable a wide range of options and more importantly they are all very intuitive meaning that it will only take you a couple of games before you are good enough score a few goals and hold your own while playing online.

Despite all the goodness that has already been delivered there is more to come. In addition to the trophy room which shows all of your achievements there are also Feats which are X2 Soccer 2010’s version of achievements. There are 18 in all and again they add even more value to the game. As does the RSS feed that supplies real time soccer news as a ticker to the bottom of the screen through out the game. By default the RSS feed uses the BBC Soccer news feed but this can also be edited to stream any news feed to the game.

With all that has been packed into X2 Soccer 2010 it’s well worth the jump. It may not have the pedigree of Fifa or PES but until PES comes out later in the year to challenge X2 Soccer 2010 it’s the best soccer game on your iPhone or iPod touch. Snap it up now and get yourself ready for the World Cup in style.


  • Intuitive controls
  • Many, many choices
  • 2 player mode via the internet
  • Great replay options


  • Not the sharpest graphics

Price: $6.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Games
Released: May 17, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.1
Size: 158 MB
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Seller: Exient Ltd.
© Exient Ltd.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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