WWDC 2013 Tickets Sell Out in Less Than 2 Minutes


WWDC 2013 Tickets Sold out

On Wednesday, Apple scheduled its WWDC 2013 conference for June 10-14 and noted that tickets would go on sale early Thursday morning. When tickets went on sale at 10:00am on Thursday, it took only two minutes for the tickets to sell out. During ticket sales of WWDC 2012, it took two hours and Apple scheduled a separate date for sales in order to make sure that all developers have a fair chance of purchasing tickets.

However, Apple has set a new record of two minutes which will likely cause employees over at Apple to rethink how to issue tickets to developers for next year’s WWDC. WWDC tickets have sold very quickly for the past few years, with the company’s products becoming more and more popular. It is likely that tickets sold out so quickly because there has been pent up demand for Apple’s next versions of iOS and OS X, with iOS 6 facing intense scrutiny since its release.

This is the sixth straight year that Apple has had WWDC tickets sell out, with WWDC 2010 selling out in eight days, 2011 selling out in under 12 hours, and 2012 in 2 hours. Apple has been called on to increase the size of the conference but is restricted by the number of engineers that it has available to assist developers with their applications. This raises new concerns about future WWDC events and brings into question if Apple will be willing to hire more engineers with the increasing number of developers attending each year.

{Via MacRumors}


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