WWDC Debut for Magic Trackpad?

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Engadget broke an exclusive this morning detailing a reputed new input device from Apple. Dubbed the Magic Trackpad or Magic Slate, this new device offers Bluetooth connectivity in a form factor reminiscent of the Apple Wireless Keyboard. According to reports, the trackpad provides multitouch, finger-based inputs to devices that otherwise do not have a trackpad like desktop Macs.

Judging from the emphasis on mobile devices at this year’s WWDC, one has to wonder whether this will be positioned as a desktop input device for the iPad as well. This new trackpad, used in conjunction with the iPad Keyboard Dock or another Bluetooth keyboard, would provide a complete desktop solution for the iPad. It would eliminate the awkward type and reach workflow many have complained about when using the iPad in a desktop setting.

Stay tuned for the rest of the day as news starts to leak out before the keynote at 10AM PST. And don’t forget to come back for our live blog during the keynote. You can access it here.

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  • Paul

    The problem with this is it only appears to be the 3GS customers who are eligible for the upgrade. I purchased my 3G 60 days before the 3GS was released, so I missed the eligibility to upgrade my phone by 30 days, and now that the 4G is being released, I'm screwed again since only the 3GS users are eligible. This doesn't seem fair, so if AT&T doesn't give me the upgrade, someone there is going be dealing with very unpleasant and pissed off customer.

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