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If Apple ever leaks information that it wants us to read, then it is generally accepted that it is leaked via the Wall Street Journal. In an article in the WSJ today it has been claimed by “reliable sources” that the iPad 2 is now in full production for Apple, something we reported on a while ago. And that its specifications (in a nut shell) are as follows :

<li>Faster processor</li>
<li>More memory</li>
<li>Better graphics processor</li>
<li>Front-facing camera</li>
<li>No Retina display: screen will be same resolution as original iPad</li>
<li>Dual-mode wireless: will be available through both Verizon and AT&amp;T</li>
<li>No Sprint or T-Mobile</li>

None of that is much of a surprise for those of you who have been reading Touch Reviews for a while. And we still have no concrete details on the most interesting aspects of those very vague specifications. What will the CPU and GPU (the SoC – System on a Chip that powers the iPad) be made up of?

A “Faster processor” could just mean a faster clock on the existing ARM A8 CPU found in the iPad and iPhone 4. But a “better” Graphics processor does tend to suggest that the new GPU in the iPad 2 will be an Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX543. A neat little chip that is about four times the power of that found in the current iPhone 4 and iPad – and able to have more than one processing core – just like a dual core CPU in your desktop computer, or the rumoured upgrade to Apple’s A5 SoC with a dual core Cortex-A9 CPU. Although our money is on a single core GPU for this iteration of the iPad.

Interestingly there is no mention of a rear facing camera either. But the WSJ do say “at least” one camera. So Apple are either keeping that precise detail under their hat, or may well have decided that snapping photos and Augmented Reality are not something that iPad users really need.

Do the details above sound about right to you? Or do you think Apple and the WSJ re holding something back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…


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  • cosmos

    if ipad 2 has the same screen as ipad 1, maybe xoom would be a better choice for me!!!

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