Wrapster Headphone Cord Organizer Review – Simple Accessory That Performs Exactly As Required

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When I only had one set of earphones in the house keeping them up together was never an issue, however as my family has grown, so has the number of earphones that are lying around the house. At the same time I find then nobody in my family, including me apparently have the time to wrap up their earphones carefully once they’ve finished using them.

Because of the above I’m often left with the task unravelling a tangled mess of wires which then hang in a twisted mess between my head and my iPhone, it doesn’t look good, it doesn’t feel good and more importantly it reduces the life of the earphones too.

These are the problems that Quirky is looking to resolve with their bargain priced Wrapster Headphone Cord Organizer which you can buy direct from their website for just $6.99.

The Wrapster Headphone Cord Organizer is a single, small piece of flexible plastic which wraps around at both sides producing two tubes which not only allows you to wrap your earphones around them securely when not in use but also allows you to keep the Wrapster attached to your earphone cord while in use should you wish too.

It feels well made, keeps your cords in great condition and is available in four colors. That being said it would be nice if more colors were available or even custom colors especially if they expect you to keep them attached to your earphones while you wear them.

It also has multiple uses as when you’re not using the Wrapster to store your earphones you can use it to stand up your iPhone 4 or 4S in landscape mode. Now while this secondary purposes is a nice addition it’s not particularly sturdy and so I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this solely as an iPhone stand as you will be disappointed, even at the cheap price.

Storage for earphones is unlikely to be a top priority for everyone but if you are one of those people who use earphones regularly then getting a storage solution should be a priority and at just $6.99 why wouldn’t you?

Rating: ★★★★☆

What we like

  • Small and perfectly formed
  • Easy to use
  • Great price point

What to know

  • More color options please!


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