World Series of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend: High Quality Poker Game

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World Series of Poker Hold em Legend Mobile Game

World Series of Poker Hold em Legend Mobile Game

World Series of Poker – Hold ‘Em Rating: ★★★★½

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is the most popular of the poker varieties across America, Europe and of course online. It’s easy to pick up but as in all classic games it is difficult to master. However now you can learn to play or feed your addiction via this latest addition to the iPhone/iPod touch App Store, World Series of Poker – Hold ‘Em.

There are two huge poker tournaments that use this form of the game, World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the World Poker Tour (WPT) and it is from the former that this title takes its name.

Knowing that the game is from Glu mobile, the makers of Deer Hunter 3D, Glyder, Super KO Boxing 2 and Build-a-lot to name but a few, it’s no surprise that first moment you launch the game the app oozes quality and class. The game starts with a video to set the scene of the poker tournament, all glitz and glamor around the poker tables of Las Vegas and this quality continues through-out the application from the in game menu’s to the game itself.

The game play itself is the same whether you are playing a quick cash game, career mode or multi-player over the internet or via Bluetooth and you’ll find yourself looking down on the poker table with 8 opponents. Depending on which mode you have chosen the opponents will either be computer opponents or live people.

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If you know the rules of poker, and specifically Texas Hold ‘Em, the game is easy to play. You can drag and drop you cards and click directly on your pile of chips to raise the steaks when you feel you have a good hand. When you are initially dealt your hand a guide will show you how strong your cards are helping you decide how much to bet or if you should fold.

As the subsequent cards are dealt this guide will update accordingly, keeping you up to date on the strength of your hand at all times. The computer controlled players will also give ‘tells’ that will suggest to you whether or not they are holding a strong or weak hand. These ‘tells’ must be used with caution as just like in the real world the ‘tells’ aren’t always as they seem.

The single player options will keep you going for hours especially the career mode where you aim to earn/win as much money as possible moving from city too city while unlocking achievements. But it’s the online multi-player mode that could lose you many hours as you attempt to climb the global leaderboards and test you guile against real people.

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The real people that you get to play against are selected randomly and there is no option to select who you wish to play against. The online mode is time based so you’ll only have 30 seconds to make your move which ensures the game keeps moving and in my playing there has never been a shortage of players to make the numbers at the table. It would be nice also if it was possible to boast about your wins via Twitter or Facebook but that’s not possible either.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4At $6.99 World Series of Poker – Hold ‘Em is at the high end of app price market, however the quality that Glu have put into this application makes it worth it. If you are looking for a high quality poker app that will keep you entertained (or addicted) then this is the one for you.

The Good

  • Professional Look & Feel
  • Simple online integration
  • Hours and Hours of Gameplay

The Not So Good

  • No option to chose your online opponents
  • No social network options

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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