Words with Friends Going Cross-Platform

Words With Friends

Words With Friends

Fans of the hugely popular Scrabble clone ‘Words With Friends’ have been happily playing against their iOS-clad brethren for quite some time now, but more competition is always a good thing right? According to the app’s creators Words with Zynga (not the catchiest of names, but it’s what they decided to called themselves after the acquisition by Facebook game giant, Zynga) there’s a spiffy new Android version in the works. And it will be iOS compatible.

In an email reply to AndroidCentral.com, the Words with Friends guys say that:

We are working on an Android version, but we’re not ready to share much more beyond that. Our goal is that it will be compatible with the iOS version from day one.

This of course means more Words with Friends games against more people, which really only means I have more people to lose to (Username OliverHaslam should you want an easy win!)

No word yet whether the iOS versions will need an update to make all the compatibility magic work, or whether other games in the range will also get the Android treatment.

Now, where’s my dictionary!


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