WordFlip: You Can’t Afford To Miss This Game

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WordFlip Rating: ★★★★½

When I was young my puzzle of choice were Logic Problems, my Dad’s were Crosswords while for my sister they were Word Search and we buy magazines full of our puzzle of choice to complete whenever the mood caught us. Now of course with computers and esp. iPhone/iPod touch we can carry our puzzles around with us all the time, much to the detriment of the publishing world I’m sure. In Wordflip it’s the publishers of Word Search puzzles that should be most fearful.

Wordflip takes word searches to the next level by not only providing an electronic version of the classic game but also allowing you to move the letters and not limiting you to a pre-written list of words. In fact you could argue that it’s nothing like a word search at all, a cousin or nephew perhaps rather than a sibling!

There are two modes in WordFlip, three if you count the practice mode, both of which offer twists on the underlying game style. The game is played with a 8 by 6 grid of 48 letter tiles and your task is to find as many words as you can in the given amount of time. Moving the tiles around is a simple case of flipping them, choose two tiles in the same horizontal or vertical row and the whole range will flip. This easily allows you to make as many words as your mind allows. However, as always there is a catch….flip too many tiles and certain tiles will become frozen, stopping you from flipping them and making it more difficult to make long and better point earning words.

WordFlip iPhone

WordFlip iPhone

Points are earned very much like a game of scrabble. Each tile has its own value and the more letters you have in your word the better, bonus points in WordFlip is actually 4 points per letter starting at the fourth, e.g. a 3 letter word gets no bonus and a 7 letter word gets 16. QuickFlip mode is all about scoring as many points as you can while challenge mode requires you to turn over all 48 tiles at least once before you can move on to the next challenge. These challenges range from starting the game with multiple frozen tiles to having a reduced number of vowels to use.

Whichever mode you choose you’ll will find them equally addictive and adding to that addiction is not only the online rankings, Twitter and Facebook integration but also the inclusion of achievements or as they are called here, Awards. The online scoring for WordFlip is provided by AGON Online and it is seamlessly integrated with rankings being provided for the World, Nearby (based on the iPhone/iPod touch location), friends and your own personal scores.

The game looks great too, nothing spectacular, you don’t need all singing, all dancing 3D graphics in a word game after all but it looks professional and is easy to navigate while the simple sounds can be added to or completely replaced by your own music from you iPod library

If you are a fan of word games then this app is for you, it’s simple yet addictive, challenging yet easy to pick up and with its online integration and a current price point of just 99c this is a game you can’t afford to miss.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $1.99

The Good

  • Easy to pick up, hard to put down
  • Online scoring
  • Multiple Achievements

The Not So Good

  • No multiplayer

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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