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WordCrasher Rating: ★★★★½

Flex your vocabulary skills with WordCrasher for iPhone!

WordCrasher is an addictive new word game designed from the ground up for iPhone and iPod Touch.
As letters fall down and pile up on your screen, touch them to make words. Making long words and using rare letters is a risky strategy, but will score much higher. But watch out, if the letters reach the top of the screen it’s Game Over!

Taking two great staples of gaming past, Tetris and Boggle, and smashing them together is WordCrasher. Simply tap the letters appearing on the screen to form a word and make them disappear, the longer the word the more points you get. Helping you along the way are various power ups, which appear in the form of glowing icons. Tapping these can either stop letters falling, giving you time to think or make a line of letters disappear.

WordCrasher iPhoneIn Marathon mode, the first of two modes, take too long about forming words and the screen fills up with letters, starts to shake and then explodes to end your game. As you accumulate points you level up which simply increases the speed the letters fall from the top of the screen.
The second mode available is Flood Panic, here the screen starts filling up with water which makes the letters reach the top of the screen as time goes on. This makes the game frantic as you try to form words in haste while the space for falling letters reduces.

Highscores are handled by the excellent OpenFeint network along with tonnes of achievements to unlock. The game allows you to share your high scores via Twitter and Facebook so you couldn’t brag much more unless you took a screenshot and emailed it!

Graphics are perfect in my opinion, bright, simple and smooth, making it feel solid and responsive, I wouldn’t want more. While the game is played in near silence, broken up by sound effects, you do get bursts of music when levelling up and starting a new level. Sound can be turned off and replaced by playing iPod music in the background though better support for this would be nice as I have seen proper in-game integration of iPod music library before.

WordCrasher iPhone_2The gameplay can be challenging as the letters aren’t always upright, now I’m not the best with word games, an option in the settings to toggle this function would help things a lot. The only noticeable flaw in gameplay I’ve found is that sometimes the touch detection is a little off, highlighting the wrong letter at times especially when in a rush.

WordCrasher for iPhone is a lot of fun and certainly exercises your vocabulary but hold tight the later levels will get manic!

The Good

  • Good range of words
  • Great social interaction
  • Loads of achievements to unlock

The Not So Good

  • Touch detection not always accurate

Reviewed by: Matthew Green

WordCrasher iPhone Gameplay

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Price: $0.99 sale price until 18th Jan (iTunes Store)
Version reviewed: 1.01
Size: 9.0 MB
Seller: Kevin Ng


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