Woozzle Ultra Addictive Puzzler for iPhone 4 [Review]

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Woozzle iPhone 4

Rating: ★★★★☆

Woozzle is a puzzle game that relies heavily on your logic. This game is masterfully put together to bring a steady dose of fresh techniques and puzzles coming at you at all times. This is a marble based puzzle game that keeps the new challenges coming throughout the entirety of the game.

The controls in Woozzle for iPhone are fairly complex when you take a step back and think about what all you can do. The interaction with the game is as simple as any other game; tapping and flicking. However, this marble based game using a series of tubes and four marble turntables to challenge you to complete certain tasks. The turntables can hold four marbles that are put in place by the tubes that carry the marbles from place to place. To send marbles between the turntables you simply flick the marble. You can also rotate the turntable with a simple tap. Sure that all seems easy enough but when you think about it, that gives you a lot of options. Your score comes from the timeliness in which you are able to carry out the given tasks and as you can imagine, finding ways to accomplish this gets progressively more difficult.

Woozzle Game Review

Often times you are tasked with getting four like colored marbles in a given turntable. With that being said, early on in this game, little quirks will change the way you go about accomplishing this. Using boxes that change marble color, one way tubes, rotating corners and a slew of other roadblocks; they manage to keep the gameplay fresh and ripe with new challenges. There is a total of 60 levels in this game which is really a bit astonishing considering the complexity and difficulty of some of the puzzles. Right about the time you see the little quirks start to taper off, you see a noticeable increase in difficulty. It is this that kept me coming back to this game. The fact that there was a steady change in game play early on that gave way to increased difficulty got me hooked and kept me coming back. If you are avid puzzle game player I suspect that it will do the same to you. As I mentioned earlier, the game rewards you for finishing the levels quickly, but does not force you to do so. You are given a score at the end of a given level that adds up to your overall score. This is nice but sometimes, especially on your first time on a level, it’s nice to just finish the level.


The presentation of this game is solid. I didn’t find the game overly impressive visually but the audio was a pleasant surprise. The game offered plenty of sounds and different music that plays an integral role in keeping a game from getting annoying, at least it does in my mind. I am often turned off a game by repetitive annoying sounds or music and this game does a great job of having music that goes along with the gameplay quite well. I do feel that there could have been a greater change in the environment that would have simply added to the visual aspects of the game. I was pleasantly surprised by this puzzler and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a challenge.


  • Varied Gameplay
  • 60 Levels
  • Highly Addictive


  • Visual Aspects could be more vibrant
  • Change in Environment would be nice
  • Level Builder Coming Soon but not there yet

$0.99 Woozzle - Flash Technical
Category: Games
Released: Mar 31, 2011
Version: 1.0
1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 59.0 MB
Language: English
Seller: Lukas Korba
© 2011 Mugeaters
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


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