Wooords Review: Refrigerator Letters Were Never Like This

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Wooords Review for iPhone-1Wooords Review: If you were a kid, and you know you were, you probably had some of those magnetic letters to help you learn to read and spell. Wooords {$.99} for iPhone assumes you’ve mastered those skills, but that you still might enjoy pushing those little letters around.

Wooords is a different sort of word game that challenges you to create as many words as possible from a given set of letters. There are three modes, which let you test your skills in different ways.

Classic mode gives you nine letters and asks you to make as many words from them as possible. Your proficiency unlocks the next level, and earns you stars and points if you want to compete on the GameCenter leaderboards.

Wooords Review for iPhone-3Daily Words gives you a new set of letters each day and you do your best to get the maximum amount of points. You can compete against your friends or against Wooords players around the world.

Word Jam is where the goal is to reach a certain score within a given amount of time. You really need to keep the letters moving to be successful in this mode.

The calliope-style music adds to the childlike atmosphere of the game. But this is no kids’ game. While kids might have fun playing with it, they’re not likely to be very successful, depending on their age and language ability. But players of any age will improve their skills just by playing.

Wooords is a fun game with a different approach to word skills. It’s available in the app for just $0.99, an introductory, half-off, price. Get this while it’s hot, because it’s going to be hot.
Wooords - Stray Robot Games

  • Pushing letters around is just plain fun
  • List of played words is very helpful
  • Different modes mix it up nicely


  • Objectives not always clear



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