WoolCraft for iPhone Addictive Puzzle Game with Tons of Levels

WoolCraft for iPhone and iPad

WoolCraft for iPhone and iPad

Rating: ★★★★☆

WoolCraft is a great puzzle game that can be enjoyed for people of almost all ages. Your goal in WoolCraft for iPhone is to help the owner of some of the cutest sheep in the world get her sheep back. How do you do it? Use a simple set of controls that are explained in the tutorial levels to get the sheep to the square she is standing on. Sound simple? It is at first but as in most puzzle games, the difficulty grows and grows.

The control system is very simple and thus easy for kids and parents alike to pick it up fairly quickly. The game utilizes similar controls for many of the levels so you don’t have to learn a new control system for every map which is nice for the younger crowd. You have arrows that point up, down, left and yes you guessed it… right. The catch is that throughout the game next elements are introduced to make maps more and more complicated.

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You will find new tools at your disposal that will help you counter the next challenges. Controls like digging help you stop your sheep at a particular square and also helps you uncover stones that you can use to build bridges over water. Another example is a bush that stops your sheep when they hit it so they don’t go into the water. These controls help add difficulty and new methods of solving the puzzles. One element that greatly increases the chances of your mistakes is when they add several sheep that you must control. This is a problem because the sheep continue to go a certain direction until something stops them. You have to be very careful to have something that will keep some sheep out of the water but not cut off the route to their owner. The only things that stop your sheep are: reaching the end of the screen, come to the end of the playing area in specific levels, come to a removed block of grass, find something to eat and have another sheep in front of them. The sheep die when the hit water or are forced to stand on the same square as another sheep. So be CAREFUL!

WoolCraft for iPhone

With all these tasks you are not forced to rely only on the arrows. As mentioned above there are tools that will aid you in protecting and eventually recuing the sheep. Some words to live by are: dig and guide the sheep, look for stones to craft a bridge, plant seeds and watch them grow to sheep food and don’t forget to use Mr. Mole. A word to the wise, watch the ground your sheep bound across because some of them act different than others and have a nice reward beneath. It took me a minute to notice this but it saved me a lot of unnecessary digging. The beauty of this game is that even if you have some trouble, you can retry the level over and over with no penalty.

WoolCraft for iPad

Perhaps one of the best options this game has to offer is all of the levels. You have a slew of levels at your disposal at the beginning of this game, in fact there are two hundred! The real kicker is that you can also design your own levels and challenge a friend to beat your design. Pretty sweet huh? The level editor gives you a blank slate that allows you to use any of the items you see in the game to make an awesome map. On top of this great feature is the fact that you can play other custom maps from around the “woold” that are made by other users from around the world. These maps are pretty awesome and extremely creative and give this already addictive game even great replay value. The replay value of this game is second to none with the custom levels, level editor and preloaded 200 levels that you have to choose from.

The presentation of this game is very nice. It is clean and crisp and handles great. The design is kid friendly but the game play is certainly suitable for adults. For those of you who got addicted to Farmville on Facebook, it has that appearance. The sounds and visual aspects are extremely suitable and only add to this already addictive game.


  • Tons of Levels!
  • Level Editor
  • Custom Levels
  • Addictive


  • A bit cartoony for some
  • No Gamecenter or OpenFeint

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Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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