Windows Phone 7 Launch Event Confirmed [Microsoft]

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AppleInsider are reporting that Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has confirmed its Worldwide launch event for Windows Phone 7 as being on the 11th of October in New York City.

We already know from Microsoft what to expect on this new platform in terms of OS capabilities and to a certain degree which launch games and apps to expect. One interesting side note to that is, because Microsoft have stubbornly insisted on sticking with their own proprietary graphics API, as well as delivering a new mobile OS SDK to developers, we may, for a while, have a slightly different app ecosystem evolving with this new range of smart phones.

That could go either way of course. On the one hand we will of course end up with a lot of ports from big publishers, and no doubt ports of successful iOS and Android apps. But we may also get a lot more XBox Live centric IP. Microsoft have also been boasting that XBox Live will provide mobile versions of apps we normally see on the XBox for Windows Phone 7 devices. Although that kind of claim needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Gears of War on a mobile might be interesting!

On the other hand we may just see the ports, and Windows Phone 7 may flounder like Palm did.

We’ve also not seen much official Windows Phone 7 hardware working in real life, except in the odd web video from unconfirmed sources. Apparently at this launch event Microsoft will be demoing a bevy of “T-Mobile powered Windows Phone 7 Devices.” Which kind of puts the kibosh on The Wall Street Journal’s story about AT&T being the exclusive carrier with Microsoft on launch day.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out for Microsoft. My expectations are not high. But be assured that you are going to hear a lot about Windows Phone 7 in the coming weeks and months, as Microsoft’s has a huge war chest put aside 100% dedicated to ramming this thing down your throat.

Steve Ballmer’s end of year bonus depends on it. As does the future of Microsoft in many ways…

Are you excited about Windows Phone 7? Have your say in the comments…



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