White iPhone 4 To Be Officially Available On Wednesday?

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white iphone 4 vodafoneThe rumor mill has been busy predicting the release of Apple’s white iPhone 4 for the last few months. The white iPhone has already gained the status of a mythical device as even after repeated reassurances from Apple one was not sure if the phone will be available or not.

According to various reports in the past it was widely believed that Apple was facing white paint issues and therefore was forced to delay the release. When Apple announced that iPad 2 will ship in both black and white color it was clear that the company was successful in solving the issues but there was still no mention about white iPhone 4.

Over the past few days the rumors about the release of white iPhone 4 hit an all time high which indicated that an announcement from Apple was imminent. Several publications have already reported on Best Buy’s inventory database featuring the white iPhone 4 while another report claimed that Apple retail stores received promotional material for the phone last week.

In addition to these rumors and reports, photos of white iPhone 4 going on sale in Belgium have already hit the web and last week Engadget published photos of white iPhone box which was reportedly bought by a Vodafone U.K customer.

All these evidences certainly confirm Apple’s plan to announce white iPhones availability soon and according to a rumor published by 9to5 Mac white iPhone 4 would go on sale on Wednesday, April 27.

Most people interested in iPhone 4 would have probably already given up waiting for the white color and settled for the black model. So, now it will be interesting to see if many customers deferred their purchase and actually waited for the white color.


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