Walmart to sell white iPhone 4 in the coming days?

iphone white 4 Walmart

The wait for the white iPhone 4 may finally be coming to an end, at least according to’s Daniel Webster.

The smartphone website claims Walmart will begin selling the white version of Apple’s latest wunder-phone within days and cites a photo that ‘clearly shows that Walmart will be stocking the White 16GB iPhone 4 for a price of $197.00’.

Currently you can pick up a black handset for the quoted $197 from the supermarket chain, but given Apple still isn’t giving out a release date I’m finding this a little hard to believe.

Will you be heading down to your nearest Walmart store on the iPhone hunt?

iphone white 4 Walmart



5 Comments on “Walmart to sell white iPhone 4 in the coming days?”

  1. ive been waiting for white for months and decided yesterday screw it all and got black thinking itd be released next summer. FML

  2. really?
    i have been waiting for the white one for a long time , I dare not to buy a iphone 4 After the antenna issue spread out, but i am look forwartd to get a iphone, so , i am waiting for the Verizon one and White one which will solved the antenna proble ,at the same time , i intend to order the Netflix serve and buy a Aneesoft iphone video converter..

    1. This label was available to print even before the iPhone 4 came to Walmart. It really means nothing.

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