White iPhone 4 Spotted In New York? So Why Don’t You Have One?

White iPhone 4 New York

White iPhone 4 New York 2

Around the time of the iPhone 4 launch, quite a few celebrities, who are well known to senior management at Apple *cough* Steve Jobs *cough* were given White iPhone 4’s.

One well known example is English comedian Stephen Fry, who was seen carrying the White iPhone 4 at various events in the UK around fourth gen iPhone launch time.

I remember mystery appearances of White iPhone 4s causing much consternation during the UK iPhone 4 launch day. Videos of people casually holding white iPhone 4s in Apple’s UK stores were beamed around the world by Sky News, and subsequently YouTube. So they are out there, like magical Unicorns!

The reason for the White iPhone 4 not hitting the store shelves has been widely reported as being because of problems with both the Home button and the front panel. Apparently, the Home Button has not been matching the rest of the case color so well. A lot of light has been leaking from the display of the White iPhone 4 due to the coloring process for the front panel not ending up as opaque as Apple specified.

Apple are working to resolve these issues in manufacturing and it seems in the meantime that they are stockpiling a number of White iPhone 4s, perhaps in limited numbers, some of which they are giving out to “friends”. Presumably these are either test models, or those that were deemed acceptable to Apple for trusted people to use.

This last part of the White iPhone 4 story is all according to a gentleman that Pocket Lint photographed carrying a White iPhone 4, and then approached to talk to at an event in New York City today. Apparently he “knows people” at Apple, and was allowed to have one. So there you are…

White iPhone 4 New York

The man did not want to be named. But confirmed that the fit and finish on the White iPhone 4 is not up to the standard that Apple feels comfortable selling to the public‚ yet.

Assuming you believe his account, don’t expect to see any White iPhones in stores until Apple are happy.

Would you want a White iPhone 4 with buttons that don’t match the case? Or would you return one like that? Are Apple correct to hold out for perfection? Have your say in the comments…


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