White iPhone 4 Conversion Kit Provider Now In Trouble

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convert white iphone 4

The guys over in Cupertino seem to be struggling with pushing out a white iPhone 4, but if you just can’t wait anymore, one enterprising young man based in New York might just be able to hook you up.

17 year old Fei Lam Has managed to get his hands on some of the white parts produced by Foxconn, the very company that manufactures the iPhone 4 for Apple. Selling the parts via his website WhiteiPhone4Now.com Lam claims to have shifted more than $130k worth of the kits that can make any black iPhone 4 into a white one.

Lam told TUAW that he’s received a letter from a Private Investigator claiming he is selling stolen goods. The fact the parts are supposedly coming from Foxconn direct makes the whole thing very interesting, and as TUAW reports, the manufacturing giant quite probably doesn’t have the rights to sell the parts to a third party, and presumably they won’t be immune to the wrath of El-Jobso.

As of right now WhiteiPhone4Now.com is still up and running, but for how long is anybody’s guess. Fingers crossed Fei Lam doesn’t get into too much trouble over a fairly clever little money maker.

[via TUAW]


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