White iPhone 4 to be available by Christmas?

White iPhone 4

White iPhone 4

Update: It turns out that iPhone Download Blog has posted an update to this story and admitted that their reader sent them a fake email.

Once again it appears that Apple CEO isn’t happy running a successful tech company. He also wants to be a customer services rep, this time commenting on the mythical white iPhone 4.

Here’s how it went down.

An iPhone Download Blog reader saw fit to email Steve-o to quiz him on the availability of the much anticipated white handset, and received a prompt, and characteristically terse reply.

The initial email reads…

Hello Steve, My name is Nathan, I’m a high school student from San Bernardino. I also happen to be one of your biggest fan and a total Apple fanboy and proud to be 🙂

I’ve been saving up money to buy the new iphone 4. I want the white one but Apple said it won’t be available until later this year. I know you must be asked this question hundreds of times a day but do you think we can expect to get the white iphone for xmas?

I hope you can answer. Thank you Steve.

A mere 3 minutes later (does Jobs not have anything to do of an evening?) this uninspiring reply appeared in Nathan’s inbox.

Christmas is later this year.

So there we have it – Jobs points out the glaringly obvious yet again. Cheers for that!

Does this mean we can expect the white iPhone to land in-stores around Christmas time? I doubt it. This sounds like Apple giving themselves as long a launch window as possible.

Still, this IS Apple, and nothing would surprise any of us.


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