Where’s My Perry Review – A Great Addition to Anyones iPhone or iPad

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Back in September 2011 Disney introduced a new character to the world. This time though the character wasn’t their latest animated movie star, instead it was Swampy the Alligator, a friendly alligator that needed your help to get him enough water to bathe. It was an instant hit and continues to be popular with rave reviews and continual downloads.

Now though Disney have decided to make the most of the popular puzzler by combining it with one of the most popular cartoon characters at the moment in the form of Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.

Nothing much has changed but it will still appeal to both players of Where’s My Water and new players to the game especially those who are familiar with the popular cartoon as the sites and sounds of not just Perry, but also Dr. Doofenshmirtz are used throughout the game to great effect.

80 levels are spread across four different environments and your challenge in each of them is to provide enough water to enable Perry to slide through his underground tubes. This is achieved by clearing a path through the dirt to Perry and on the way unlock the three gnomes that are placed throughout the level.

These gnomes provide the 3 gnome ranking required to complete the game at 100% but in 6 of each level there are hidden items which unlock additional ‘secret’ levels including 4 that introduce you to Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s childhood ‘friend’ Balloony!

The physics of each level is well designed and you will not only find yourself using the water to unlock and open switches and levers but you also need to avoid hazards that will attempt to suck the water away preventing you from having enough to push Perry on his way.

If that wasn’t enough challenge you will also have to change the state of the water to open, unlock and rescue certain kind of gnome that can only be rescued by either water or steam. This all adds up to a great variety of challenges and a very enjoyable game.

The game is a universal app which is currently available at just 99 cents from the app store and while you can play through all the levels for no additional charge by completing them all in order you can also pay to unlock them via in-app purchase if you don’t wish to wait, or get stuck.

As you would expect from Disney the graphics and sound are great and for anyone that has watched Phineas & Ferb before you will feel perfectly at home here. The great thing about Where’s My Perry though is that it stands up as a quality game in it’s own right too.

Rating: ★★★★★

What we like

  • Over 80 fun, challenging levels
  • Great use of the Perry lincense
  • Easy to play

What to know

  • No appearance of Phineas or Ferb!


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