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Today we have a lot of promo codes to share with our readers. In order to qualify for this giveaway you just have to follow us on Twitter and tweet the following:

I just entered #TouchReviews weekly promo code giveaway http://touchrevie.ws/grh06c RT to win free promo codes!

iPhone / iPad apps and games we are giving away for free include:

Mouse Trapz – “a fun and challenging puzzle game for the iPhone with 80 unique levels of varying difficulty with a nice gradual learning curve.” (View in iTunes)

Blockees – “Blockees is played by matching coloured blocks. It sound(s) incredibly simple and it does start off that way, but soon the puzzle gets very challenging” (View in iTunes)

HalfCamera – “Apply effects, arrange poses and take a photo with an 18×24 format view finder. One film roll consists of 6 shots (12 photos). You can develop an image by choosing two photos which are close to each other. You can write text between photos and frame images.” (View in iTunes)

AppZilla 2 – 100+ in 1 – “currently the number 1 utility application in USA and several other countries, as well as ranked #4 Top Paid App overall.” (View in iTunes)

Heidi Part I – “an interactive picture book with voice-over in English and German, based on the original Heidi book of Swiss author Johanna Spyri, who wrote this world famous classical swiss children’s book in 1879.” (View in iTunes)

RJRCollections Pro – “a revolutionary software with an innovative interface that allows you to make, organize, and display the collections you have in your life, like, coins, photos, cars, badges, etc….or even your ideas, plans or notes, right on your iPhone / iPod Touch device. ” (View in iTunes)

Folder Lock for iPhone – “It lets you secure personal files, documents, pictures, videos, audios and all other private files that you keep in your iPhone.” (View in iTunes)

Freaky Alarm – “an alarm clock that forces you to wake your brain because you will have to solve a series of logical-math games otherwise it will not stop ringing.” (View in iTunes)

Tiltopolis – “A modern twist on an old classic, Tiltopolis uses the real physics engine “Box 2D” to introduce a new level of game play to a beautiful looking and technically advanced attention grabber.” (View in iTunes)

Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders – “Read, listen, play and learn about our planet with this original and interactive iPad app, an entertaining learning tool in five different languages that you can choose from.” (View in iTunes)

Greedy Bankers – “an arcade-style puzzler much in the vein of Tetris and Puyo Pop. It has a simple and fresh interface, and is a completely new take on puzzle games, built around space-management and a deep strategic core.” (View in iTunes)

Food X Friends – “a great tool for you to capture your precious dining moment. Easily keep track your meal records (where / when / with whom / how much / how good). Browse your records from a calendar, a list, the map or from your friends you tagged and with its unique Friends utility, you can always keep track of how many meals you had with each of your friends.” (View in iTunes)

Bubble Buble 2 – “To survive, dodge yourself with accelerometer to run away from evil fishes coming after you. Yet the game is simple, it is so catchy and works well for killing time.” (View in iTunes)

Dandelion – “Blow a Dandelion and see the seeds floating with the wind!Its new, and you cant find nothing like this for iPhone!” (View in iTunes)

Please note the app descriptions above have been provided to us by the developers and do not represent our opinion.


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