‘Webout’ for iPhone and iPad : AirPlay Video Streaming For The Browser

Ever since AirPlay was added to iOS with version 4.2, one of the main complaints has been the lack of support for Safari – no web sites could be used with AirPlay if you wanted to show video while audio worked as expected. The fix? Webout, a new app on Apple’s App Store and priced at a very reasonable £0.59/$0.99.

So what’s the deal? Webout is basically a light-weight web browser. Navigating to a page containing HTML5 video such as Youtube.com in Safari would result in the audio-only disappointment we’ve become accustomed to. Visit the same page in Webout and once Apple’s media player has fired up you’re presented with Airplay’s full video throwing greatness. It’s what Airplay should have been from day one.

In limited testing with Youtube, the app’s performed like a champ, with streaming to my Apple TV working just as the Youtube app does. I’ve not been able to test with 3rd party sites as yet, but if HTML5 is used for the video it should, at least in theory, work.

If you haven’t already downloaded Webout I suggest you head on over to iTunes and get it ASAP – I’m sure Apple will pull this one when they realise what it actually does.

{via MacStories}


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