Weather HD for the iPad (Video)

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The Apple iPad will be officially launched in the US Apple Stores on April 3 and now the apps that will be available for the ‘grand opening’ are beginning to emerge.

iPad will not include some of the native apps which are available on the iPhone/iPod touch and weather application is one of them. Today we received an update from VIMOV about their upcoming app for iPad called Weather HD.

Weather HD for the iPad utilizes the large display screen very well by playing beautiful high definition videos in the background which describes the current weather condition.

With Apple not including a Weather application on the iPad, VIMOV’s Weather HD comes to the rescue, providing the most beautiful weather application experience ever made for a mobile device. It uses not complex numbers or graphs to describe the weather, but stunning high definition videos that easily and beautifully describe the weather condition.

We expect iPhone/iPad developers to utilize the unique features and the powerful processing capabilities of the iPad to develop innovative apps and VIMOV is certainly moving in the right direction.

The app will be available on sale with the iPad launch on April 3rd for $0.99!

Weather HD for iPad: Preview


weather hd iPad App


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