We Doodle for iPhone. Sketch and Guess Words With Friends!

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We Doodle Rating: ★★★★☆

We recently posted that ngmoco has released their new game called We Doodle for iPhone and iPad. A sketching game that you play with friends all over the world. It is only available in Canada at the moment but we managed to get our hands on a copy to play.

We Doodle from ngmoco is actually an update to the already popular game Charadium a game where you or your opponents draw a picture and you have to guess what the picture is. With We Doodle you can play Live games with players from around the world or you can play the Turn based game. This part is the new addition to the game.

The Turn based game is where you play the same game but in your own time at your own pace, you can play this with a random selection of players or you can choose friends from your own Plus+ account list.

We Doodle iPhone 5To play you first need to choose which mode you want to play. For ‘Play Live’ you select that button by tapping on it and then it will take you into a game. It may be a new game or it may actually be a game that as already started. For the Turn based game you select which friends you want to play against then wait until everyone is ready.

When it is your turn to draw, a word in green will appear, if you think you can draw it you tap the word and start showing off your artistic skills! Then the other players just type in words they think you are drawing. You keep doing this until one of them gets it correct within a time limit. When you are the player watching the picture being drawn you do the same, just type what you see.

The area you use to type the answer can also be used to chat with the other players. Although in game you won’t have much time as you are busy trying to type the answer quickly and correctly. You have 60 seconds for the word to be guessed before the time runs out.

When you draw your picture you can change the colors, the brush size and there are some stencils you can use. There is also a button to trash the picture if the other players are not guessing it and you need to restart it again.

Other new features in We Doodle are the daily goals to achieve which gives you xp points. You need these points to level up. The type of goals are for example, to draw correctly 5 times or Win a live game. When you achieve the goal you get the points added to your scores. The same goes when you are playing, you get points for guessing correctly and for others guessing your pictures correctly.

We Doodle AssistWithin the game you earn gold coins and these can be used to buy items from the art shop. It can be for all different tools like bigger brushes or canvas paper there are also more stencils to buy. If you don’t win enough coins you can purchase them via an in-app purchase. You can play the game well with out these extras though so it isn’t something you have to purchase. It is just another way for you to improve the enjoyment.

Another great feature is that you can play with people of your own language. The game supports 9 different languages each with a huge language dictionary. There is now a hint feature to help players when they are stuck for the answer and you can also purchase hints to help you.

The game played very well and the Live games were fast and seemed to have no problems with loading or freezing. You do need an internet connection to play the game, I played via wifi. I did notice that if you passed on a word the next player sometimes got it so you knew straight away what the answer was. I don’t think this is supposed to happen as it didn’t happen all the time. With the game being new there is bound to be a few teething problems but I was impressed how well it is up and running.

The Turn based games are a lot quieter than the Live games, it seems this feature isn’t that popular yet but again I think is just because it is new and only available in one country at the moment.

The game is lots of fun and at times quite a giggle when you see some of the pictures that are drawn. The new features to buy items and make your drawings fun and realistic are an added bonus. Once more people join the game I feel it will make the game busier and the turn based feature will probably become more popular.


  • Great achievements and goals
  • Buy items in the Art Shop to improve your pictures
  • 2 game play modes


  • Sometimes re uses the word you reject.
  • Turn based feature does not have many players yet.

Price: Free (App Store)
Category: Games
Released:Sep 14, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.0
1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
15.5 MB
Languages:English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Seller:ngmoco, Inc.
© 2010 ngmoco inc.
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


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