Vocabador Review: A fun and unique way to learn new words

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Rating: ★★★½☆

Vocabador Review-2Vocabador Review: Engaging yourself or your children in learning with their iOS device when the alternatives are Angry Bids, Flight Control or and one of 1,000’s distractions is a pretty steep task. Vocabador may be about to change that though as it challenges us to increase our vocabulary by battling it out with 12 masked wrestlers.

There are two parts to this app. First there is the training side where you can review over 400 words split into easy, medium and hard categories, or as this is a wrestling game categorized as lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Each word is presented in flash card format with the word on one side and the details of the word on the other side which you can flip by simply tapping the screen.

Once you feel that you are ready you can pit yourself against the 12 wrestlers as they challenge you to pick the correct definition from 4 possible answers. This isn’t as easy as it sounds especially as you are up against the clock so it may take you a few times to beat some of the bigger wrestlers that provide the sternest of challenges, and 4 wrong answers will get your metaphorically thrown out of the ring.

Vocabador Review-4The game is beautifully presented and is easy to navigate whether you want to simply use the flash cards for learning, challenge the wrestlers or both everything is easily accessible and slick.

It would be nice if you could play previously completed challenges without have to reset all your progress and for households where multiple users share a single iPhone/iPod touch the ability to have multiple profiles would have been nice.

Vacabador {$1.99} is one of the most fun and unique ways to increase your vocabulary and will help both young and old alike.
Vocabador - Vocabador
What we like:

  • Unique way to increase your vocabulary
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Easy navigation

What to know:

  • No way to repeat levels
  • No multiple profiles



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