VMWare Remote Desktop Demo for iPad

VMWare, who compete with Parallels in the Virtual Machine marketplace, and produce software which allows you to run Windows, Linux and other operating systems as virtual machines inside various flavors of other desktop OS, have demoed an early Alpha version of their Remote Desktop app for the iPad.

Parallels already have an iPad Remote Desktop app. VMWare’s competing piece of software is called ‘VMWare View Client’, and is slated to ship early in 2011.

In a video from a VMWare preview session the app can be seen being used to log into a Windows computer back at VMWare’s HQ, via WiFi and the internet.

After logging in you can use the iPad’s touch interface to interact with the Windows desktop, type into applications, move things around, and ‘touch click’ pretty much anything that you could ‘mouse click’.

There is also the option to pull up Windows specific hot keys, as well as a small virtual track pad so that you can move a mouse pointer around.

All in all, for an Alpha demo, it seems pretty solid and feature packed.

Here’s the video :

What are your thoughts on this? Are we seeing the future of how we will interact with our home PCs? Have your say in the comments…

[via RazorianFly]


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