Virgin “Project” Magazine Hits Apple iPad

Project By Virgin Digital Publishing for iPad

Project By Virgin Digital Publishing for iPad

Richard Branson, one of the more loveable and gloriously eccentric British Billionaires has launched his own idea of what new media should be in the form of an iPad only magazine called “Project”.

The front cover of the first issue is primarily dedicated to Jeff Bridges in reference to his upcoming role reprisal in the new Tron movie (Tron : Legacy), and is perhaps also quite a fitting headline subject for this new form of media.

Project By Virgin Digital Publishing for iPad 5The app which you use to access Virgin’s new magazine is free, and available on iTunes here. Individual downloadable issues cost $2.99 each and require iOS 4.2 or later.

Interestingly the issues are described as having a “full month’s worth of updating content” for the $2.99 you pay. Which is definitely a step in the right direction where “new media” on tablets is concerned. And potentially better value than the rumoured upcoming 99 cents “Daily” from Rupert Murdoch’s New Corp.

However, the app has come under some fire because apparently its interface is very touch centric, but not in an immediately intuitive way. In fact it even comes with an instruction manual. Whether this will appeal to the kind of users that the iPad has is perhaps a concern.

So it remains to be seen if Virgin have missed the mark here or not.

And of course we still have Rupert Murdoch’s “Daily” publication, which is rumoured to be a joint project with Apple, and slated to appear around the same time as a dedicated iOS 4.3 update for all of Apple’s iDevices next month…

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