VidRhythm Review: Making Music Video Mashups on iPhone Quick and Easy

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VidRhythm Review-4VidRhythm Review: A great music app to create mashups of your own voice and video using some preset themes and music selection. With a group of friends this could be a whole lot of fun.

VidRhythm {$1.99} is actually pretty simple in concept. You choose a piece of music and then a theme. The app then asks you to record both your voice and some video simultaneously. There are prompts to tell you what sound or word you should record. It’s really slick in that it automatically stops recording after a second or so, you don’t have to push the button. It usually asks for a handful of recordings, so it doesn’t take long to get those entered. You can re-record if you need more than one take.

When you’re ready, press the “Make Video Music!” button and the magic happens. Your sounds and images are treated to a techno-DJ mashup. It’s not a simple playback of your recordings. The audio is set to the rhythm and the video dances along too. Video windows open, divide, grow, rearrange, etc. like any good music video. You have to see it in motion to appreciate it. Each of the themes has a background that the video resides on that keeps it pulled together.


VidRhythm Review-3While it was easy to take video of the dog and say the letters D-O-G-S for the dog theme, there’s nothing stopping you from substituting your own ideas. Where it asks you to say D-O-G-S, you could say G-A-M-E if it suited you and you could shoot video of the football team instead (especially if they’re having a losing season).

This would be a great app to use with a gathering of friends. They could each provide one of the audio/video clips to be mashed together. It would be a group project. Or you could each individually make a video and share it amongst the group as the app can automatically upload to YouTube or Facebook. Or, if you prefer, you can simply save it to your camera roll to keep for yourself.

If you want to make short, simple mashups quickly, this could be your ticket. VidRhythm for iPhone and iPad is an app that will spark your creativity. By the time your video is done playing you’ll have ideas for the next one you want to do.
VidRhythm - Harmonix

  • Simple directions to follow
  • Fun themes and music
  • You don’t have to follow the directions which makes the possibilities nearly limitless


  • More music, and access to your own collection, would be a nice feature
  • Would be great to be able to define your own themes and samples (i.e., number of clips)



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