Video Call references in iPhone OS 4.0 SDK. Wi-Fi only?

As we all suspected, and is now fairly certain, the new iPhone 4G will have a front facing camera, and as such we can expect some kind of video chat or video conferencing feature in the new device.

MacRumours is reporting some interesting tidbits pulled out of an analysis of the latest iPhone OS 4.0 SDK.

They have found error messages in amongst some of the more mundane messages usually found on the iPhone. Some of which clearly talk about things like :

The video call could not connect because a remote Wi-Fi connection could not be established.


The video call disconnected because the local Wi-Fi connection was lost.

There also seem to be references to video conferencing in game error messages too, which would suggest that video calls could be integrated into game social networking or even games themselves.

One thing to note about all these messages though is that they all refer to Wi-Fi. This may not be significant. But it tends to suggest that perhaps video calls are not something that phone companies are happy to have running over their networks.

Sound familiar?

Are you excited about these video conferencing features in iPhone 4G? Do you expect to be able to make video calls over the mobile network? Let us know in the comments.



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  1. They could also be error messages to go with the next generation iPod Touch, which would use 4.0 and obviously need to use WiFi. I know I wouldn't want to use video conferencing over 3G I would use my monthly quota very quickly that way, even if it was only VGA.

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