Verizon To Put Warning Stickers On All Smartphones With Location Awareness

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As part of the fallout of the current iPhone 4 location data fiasco it appears Verizon will now put warning stickers on its location-aware smartphones, reports Electronista.
Verizon location aware sticker
In a letter in response to Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey’s call for information on the affair, Verizon SVP of Federal Government Relations Peter B. Davidson explains that Verizon will continue to try to educate its customers and to try to protect them from any potential pitfalls of smartphone ownership when it comes to their location.

In order to warn its customers, Verizon will soon begin attaching stickers to smartphone screens, warning that the handset has the ability to detect its (and thus the owner’s) location and transmit it to a receiving party. Whether this information will ever be read, let alone headed remains to be seen but Verizon is at least taking steps to protect its customers, as well as itself!

Of course, whether any of this should even be necessary very much depends on your stance when it comes to privacy. Had the whole location furore been blown completely out of proportion or are people right to be concerned about the information our phones, tablets and other toys are collecting about us?


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