Verizon iPhone 4 in January, with updated case (Rumors)

At the moment Apple can barely keep up with the demand for iPhone 4. Their production lines for the new iPhone 4 and the iPad still have a couple of months to go before they are even able to run at full capacity.

Apple do have another iPhone factory though. One which is due to come online in early 2011. And that facility will increase their iPhone 4 production yields significantly. It is rumored that Apple are waiting on this factory to unleash the fabled Verizon iPhone 4. At this point they will be able to mount a decisive counter-attack against Androids push into markets and cellular networks that the Apple iPhone has not made its home yet.

According to DigiTimes the Verzion iPhone 4 will be CDMA and have a metal back plate, whilst still employing an external Stainless Steel antenna design.

What effect, if any, that steel back will have on reception we do not know. Do you prefer the idea of a Steel backed iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…


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  1. A metal back plate wouldn't work to trasmit a cellular signal, wifi, etc. see the ipod touch. That is why it has the small black piece in the corner.

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