Verizon iPad 2 Users Suffering 3G Connection Issue

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iPad 2 owners who have a 3G device hooked up to the Verizon network are running into problems when attempting to use the 3G data connection on their device. Disgruntled users have gathered in the Apple Support Discussions forum and reported their frustrations in a thread 6 pages long.

The problem begins when a user turns off the 3G connection on their iPad using the toggle within the Settings app. When the user tries to turn 3G back on again, the connection will often take several minutes before reactivating, and on some occasions it won’t connect at all – simply displaying a “Searching…” message in the top corner. There is a fix, but the device must be rebooted for it to work:

Ensure that the 3G connection on the device is set to ‘on’ within the settings app. Reboot the device and the 3G connection should be reinstated.

Though it’s unclear whether all Verizon customers are effected by this issue, the Apple Support Discussion thread just grows longer and longer, with users reporting lengthy calls to Apple customer support, trips to the Genius Bar, and in some cases even replacement devices.

One user, called nixxon2000, wrote:

So after three visits to the Genius Bar and TWO replacement Ipad 2’s, here is their “answer”. It appears to be an issue with the modem and software not communicating.

They said they would document my issue and send it to the mothership. I mentioned that others were having the same issue they said that unless people GO TO the apple store and show there is an issue apple will not fix it.

So far, the best advice we can give to users with this issue is to try and keep your 3G connection on if possible. If you have to turn it off, you can use the fix above to reactivate your connection when you need to. Hopefully this is simply a software issue which Apple can address in a future update, but it’s import to report the issue to them – as nixxon2000 says – because they need to know how many users are suffering with this issue.

Do you have an iPad 2 3G connected to Verizon? If so, tell us if you’ve had any issues in the comments below.

[via CNET]


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