Verizon To Hold Special Event – iPhone on The Cards?

Verizon iPhone

Verizon iPhone

Could we finally be getting an iPhone on Verizon? It’s looking like we just might. Verizon took the tech world by storm when it sent out invitations to various blogs asking them to ‘join us as we share the latest news’. The date for the event is Tuesday, January 11th and speculation is rife that this is the day AT&T will lose iPhone exclusivity.

One news source particularly sure of this is the Wall Street Journal who are citing ‘a person familiar with the matter’. Quite who these people are is a mystery, but they always seem to be very familiar with things and like to tell people about it!

If this is indeed going down as everyone thinks it is, it’s huge news for the industry. Single-carrier exclusivity is seen as one of the few mistakes Apple made when releasing the original iPhone back in 2007, and the US is the only territory where this is still the case. Other countries such as the UK saw a huge upturn in sales once more carriers came on board, and Apple will be hoping for similar results in the North America.

While many believe the Verizon iPhone is finally coming, some aren’t convinced claiming the lack of an official Apple announcement as proof that no new hardware is coming out of Cupertino. It’s worth remembering though that no such event came when similar exclusivity ended in other countries.

Whichever camp you fall in, January 11th is a day to keep an eye on no matter what.

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