Verizon to Discount Apple iPhone 4 to $150?

Verizon iPhone 4 Discount

Verizon iPhone 4 Discount

A screenshot from VzBuzz revealed that Verizon may be discounting the 2 year iPhone 4 contract price to $150, down from $200. According to the leaked image, the 16 GB iPhone 4 will be reduced to $150, a 25% discount off its current $199 price tag. The screenshot was reportedly taken from Verizon’s TestMan website.

Testman is a website that Verizon uses to tweak and adjust it’s main webpage. It is not known to release any rumours on upcoming promotions, however, this just may be the case if Verizon was planning to update an image or video to reflect the promotion.

Apple has been rumoured to introduce a new CDMA/GSM iPhone 5 for launch this fall, which is why Verizon may be scaling back prices in order to jack up sales.

It’s a very steady process and was one that AT&T had done in the past in order to get rid of it’s older inventory of iPhones. The iPhone 3GS is currently on sale for $49, after a promotional discount from AT&T. Verizon may just do the same.

{via TUAW}


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