‘Vampire Rush HD’ Review for iPad 2 Highly Addictive Defense Game

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Vampire Rush HD

Vampire Rush HD is a tower defense game where you have to fend off wave after wave of evil characters. Using towers that launch projectiles, a sword and other special powers you must stop the evil hordes from damaging the gates that you are tasked to defend. The game has a playful feel with some sweet action to go along with it.

Vampire Rush HD

You are Captain Greg and you are tasked with keeping the evil characters from tearing down the gate from the Vampire Underworld. You earn cash by killing enemies and finding packages around the map so that you can upgrade your character, towers and your character’s abilities. The scoring is based on how much damage you do and how much damage is done to your gates. So protect those bad boys or you’ll be disappointed. You must last through wave after wave of oncoming enemies and they continuously get more and more difficult as you advance throughout the game.

Vampire Rush HD

The control system in Vampire Rush HD is very solid. I really had an easy time picking up the game and getting right to work slaying vampires. For movement, you have an onscreen joystick that directs your character where you point the joystick. The only other button you need, attack. There is a button on the opposite side for attacking enemies. Tapping several times does a flurry of different moves while holding the button down does a series of slashing moves. Both prove very resourceful in disassembling enemies. Above the attack button you’ll find the “Tower” and “Skill” button that allow for purchasing new defense towers and skills throughout the game. They will blink when you have enough cash to purchase something and the game reminds you before each level that there are no banks so spend that cash.

Vampire Rush HD

There are two basic types of weapons at your disposal in this game, towers and character weapons. There are four different types of towers and they have three tiers with an additional cost to each tier. Each high tier also makes the tower deadlier so it is well worth the month spent. The towers are most resourceful when it comes to finishing off large hordes of enemies. The two initial towers that you can purchase are the towers that shoot arrows and the towers that launch stones. By upgrading these towers, with money that you earn for killing enemies and finding special packages, they either shoot arrows at a faster pace and with greater impact or launch stones with the same benefits. Placing these carefully can save you so be sure to place them in a strategic position.

Your character can also upgrade its powers. Special abilities like fire powder, freeze re-agent and several others make the fighting even more eventful. While the sword fight actions are pretty sweet, the occasional fire powder is a huge help and is always cool to be able to shoot fire. The ability to upgrade your sword abilities and armor strength are pretty sweet as well. Things like healing capabilities can be purchased and upgraded to have greater affect throughout the level. These options help you keep up with the growing number of enemies.

Vampire Rush HD

The presentation of this game is awesome! The visual aspects are great. They are not overly detailed but are very clean and have plenty of detail for a defense game. The sounds add to the visual appeal with a great background music and clean sound effects. The game has an option for making the game look more visually appealing but at the chance of lowering the frame rate so I played with the idea that I wanted to keep the frame-rate high. This is a great option to have for those who like the detail that some games lack. Facebook and Twitter integration are always nice because that has come to be expected from most games. Overall I really enjoyed this game and I think that anyone who enjoys a good defense game will love this one. Check it out!


  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Strategic
  • Great Presentation


  • More customization
  • Different characters to play as

$2.99 Vampire Rush HD - Chillingo Ltd
Category: Games
Released: Apr 28, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 82.0 MB
Language: English
Seller: Chillingo Ltd
© A-Steroids
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


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  • Slarti

    Game Center integration missing – this is weird, cause my version supports Game Center with achievement and leaderboards and everything.

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